EP at Japanese Science-Fiction Seminar

If you happen to be in or near Tokyo, some Japanese friends are doing a presentation on Eclipse Phase at a science fiction convention tomorrow:

Hello Eclipse Phase designers and fans,

It's obvious and wonderful that our Eclipse Phase is becoming a beloved RPG world-wide, and its shock wave is reaching Japan.

On the evening on 3 May (JST), Japanese Sci-Fi writers and gaming scholars are going to do a presentation about Eclipse Phase at the public convention "Science-Fiction Seminar 2011" in Chiyoda-Ward, Tokyo:

The brave adventurers promoting EP are Akira OKAWADA, winner of the Sci-Fi Award in Japan, Dai KURAHARA and Michie SAITO, male and female scholars on gaming culture and history.

Though the presentation will be in Japanese, the presenters can also respond to questions in English. All EP fans and friends, regardless of sex and nationality, are welcome to the presentation to discuss fascinating points about this innovative game!

For more information, see these articles in Japanese on EP by "Analog Game Studies:"


If you want to contact the staff of "Science-Fiction Seminar 2011" with any questions: sfs-info@sfseminar.org

See at the convention!
CodeBreaker CodeBreaker's picture
Re: EP at Japanese Science-Fiction Seminar
Soo... How'd it go?
RobBoyle RobBoyle's picture
Re: EP at Japanese Science-Fiction Seminar
They posted a report here, but it's in Japanese: http://analoggamestudies.seesaa.net/article/199514106.html Summary: They introduced EP to 150+ people at the seminar's opening ceremony. 20+ attended the EP presentation, and they ran the Glory scenario. It also sounds like there were a few notable people from Japan's sci-fi scene in attendance. We're hoping to make a licensing deal to see EP translated and published in Japanese, but nothing concrete to report yet.
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Re: EP at Japanese Science-Fiction Seminar
I'm xenoth from Japan. I came to know EP by the introduction of Analog Game Studies,and interested in since. Since then,I've been writing the introduction and summary of EP at my blog in Japanese. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/xenoth/20110201/p1 http://d.hatena.ne.jp/xenoth/20110202/p1 http://d.hatena.ne.jp/xenoth/20110203/p1 http://d.hatena.ne.jp/xenoth/20110204/p1 http://d.hatena.ne.jp/xenoth/20110408/p1 I'm also doing some translation for my play group. Ep is a great game in its depth and for the mecahnics to play them easily. I really wanted to thank all you guys for the great game. Thank you!