"Expelled from Paradise"

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"Expelled from Paradise"

On Netflix right now, it sounds a lot like Eclipse Phase sort of stuff including digitization of egos, and a devastated Earth.

Will report back after I watch it.

Exhuman, and Humanitarian.

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its very good and it has a

its very good and it has a lot of stuff you can use in a eclipse phase game. I highly recommend it.

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Cool. I look forward to

Cool. I look forward to watching it once I can spare the time (busy schedule!), figured I would share the find here and see what folks thought!

Exhuman, and Humanitarian.

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I just finished watching it .

I just finished watching it ... is not that good. I'm a little eclectic on film so I tend to not like anything

anyway, the interesting part in Expelled from Paradise is the conversation between the two personages who's talking about how it is living without a "meat suit" (expression I like) or the way to enjoy pleasure without senses and other funny call like that

I don't want to say too much but one of the character is one of the greatest AGI I've seen ... hope I don't spoiled it

What do you mean a butterfly cause this ? How a butterfly can cause an enviromental system overload on the other side of a 10 000 egos habitat ?

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I personally don't mind

I personally don't mind spoilers since it rarely negates the experience of it (e.g. I started to watch GoT during season 4 so I had seen everyone discuss the Red Wedding but when I got to it it was still palpably an experience). But others may be spoilers averse so good call. I regret not watching it this weekend but partner was picky and we ended up watching MI:1 which added to my tradecraft plans so not a total loss.

Looking forward to watching this weird anime movie despite its potential flaws.

Exhuman, and Humanitarian.

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I enjoyed it. It also has

I enjoyed it. It also has some interesting discussions about the pros and cons of a whuffie economy, especially when you're not building out new infrastructure as fast as you can.

Also, the AGI is one of my favorite characters ever. :D