Fate Conversion Guide - Final Playtest!

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Fate Conversion Guide - Final Playtest!

We have the final pre-edit Fate Conversion Guide manuscript in hand, and it's available to everyone in the form of a final playtest document!

Here's a list of what's changed in this version compared to the last:

Game Creation - Added Firewall server creation, more on setting issues
Skills - Added doctoring evidence to Investigate skill
Stunts - Added new gear stunts
Conflicts - Added guidelines for handling nanoswarms
Mind Hacks - Added Psi, Added Psychosurgery
Running the Game - Added entire chapter
Setting - Added entire chapter
NPCs - Added entire chapter

At this point, we are bringing the book into layout, but there are still a few weeks for final playtest comments.

The playtest pack is available here: http://eclipsephase.com/downloads/EPFate_Nov15_Playtest.zip

Please use the Fate Playtest forum for posting commentary: http://eclipsephase.com/forums/fate-playtest

Get started on your campaigns! :D