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Feature Requests [was:ORCA's Feedback Dump Thread]

Good Evening Folks. So I just dug into it and it time for the feedback/bug reporting. Everything I list here is in the chronological order in which i experienced it or thought of it. sorry for the stream of consciousness format. Also included is my first result character sheet.

Ability to set starting starting CP amount. perhaps as part of a full setting rules section where maximums and minimums can be defined

able to use delete key to clear a cell on skill section

Skills need to bring in information from other steps

Bold the Free CP stat

Scrolling up rapidly in a window with a scroll bar, when reaching top of scroll bar sent me through the rest of the tabs

Remaining Cash stat?

Quick Save not just save as

Strange movable dot below the file drop down

Setting picture location directory memory should be independant of the save file/open file location memory

save as PDF option to not include character concept or impose a character limit on the concept

Save PDF able to add an armor total?

Ariel, Fury, theseus does not have free bioweave light. recommend full recheck

move stat block for attributes rep and moxie to top right above skills

No section on Muse customization

Ability to drag and move around the blocks on the save as pdf screen

(Edited spelling)

PDF icon tavarus via singularity.pdf62.15 KB

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It looks like you are in a Theseus biomorph, and yet you have Heavy Combat Armour, something only available to synthmorphs.

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oops that was my mistake from

oops that was my mistake from when i was copying over from my hand written sheet

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Still, that should not be

Still, that should not be possible in the editor. It should at the very least throw up a warning flag informing you that the combination is illegal. That way if its some outlandish character concept your GM has vetted, you can still go ahead.

Personally I think the printable PDF needs a whole lot of cleanup. It's nice that there's all this information, detailed explanations about what each individual background, faction, weapon, piece of equipment, and implant does; but that needs to be pushed to the back. Kyle should take a good look at the Kindalas sheet, and use a similar setup for a front sheet. One where all the important information is available in a simple, concise fashion. A single place to quickly reference all the necessary info during play. Having the detailed info on more sheets further back could potentially be useful, but that information isn't critical in most situations and serves only to clutter up the sheet.

I haven't used singularity yet; but there seem to be some usability issues that haven't been properly thought through. In general I'm pretty impressed with how clear and easy to use it is; but these few things keep it from truly being great.
I'd also totally separate implants into their own section instead of just sticking them into gear. Endlessly easier to find and it makes more sense to me.
And I would tack the background and faction descriptions onto their parent, to form a single object rather than two separated objects. They belong together, after all.
And maybe have the entry for the background span the entire page; or add an extra column, so as to make use of the right half of that page, which now remains blanks regardless of the length of the content.

Your example does not have any weapons as far as I can see. Do they get a custom area with pre-calculated total damage values like the Kindalas sheet does?

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Another suggestion here:

Another suggestion here:

When you choose a skill that has a mandatory "field" entry (such as Academics) it would enormously helpful if it had a drag and drop menu with all the default and/or example fields on it, as this are the most commonly used and that way you won't need to refer to the manuals to check them every time.

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Titan I don't have any

Titan I don't have any weapons on there because i had not played with that part yet since i made a custom one on my paper copy this originated from. Used a lot of money and modified price values

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Needs polish

While the editor is complete and intuitive it is basic in its appearance and the final character sheets are ugly. Real ugly.

Take a look at how Russell Bewley's EPCC at http://eclipsephase.oook.ch sets up the character sheet into a morph and an ego sheet. While thiers is not perfect and has notable bugs with sizing the skills column and overfilling text boxes, it is clean and easy to navigate.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwvAw3Irz93PZldDWlhRaEl3WDQ/edit?usp=sharing A character sheet for a chimp uplift.

There is a crash in the Transhuman life path builder, but theres a thread for that.

I think the Life path items should have their d% numbers beside them, or a way of randomly picking one of the items so its not just a click through builder that requires you to have Transhuman open at the same time. While throwing dice is fun, I'd rather not have to while on a pc fully capable of making adequate pseudorandom rolls.

Its not immediately apparent how to navigate the positive and negative traits boxes. It takes a short while to see where the other menu collapsed to.

A character does not need 5 Exotic Melee and 5 Exotic Ranged skills. Perhaps for multiples of skills like medicine or hardware, when you define a skill and add points to it, a new blank one is inserted below.
The Skills section is a bit messy but intuitive.

Needs a way to set starting CP. My players have gained 15 Rez and a new player coming in would need 1015 CP but this isnt set anywhere.

In the Life Path creator, the enter key defaults to 'Cancel' instead of 'Next' leading to a lot of cancelled characters.

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Dice Rolls & Drop Down Menu

I'll second the suggestion about having a dice roller within the program in order to randomize the life-path choices.

I'll also add that the drop down menu choice for the skill choices is needed - given that there is an option to randomize roll them in Transhuman, thought it was a strange oversight. I would like to ability to randomly roll for the but if not, then certainly the drop down menu should be available.

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I would posit that instead of

I would posit that instead of adding a roller and adding numbers behind each choice it'd be easier to just have a "random" button select a random path as the result of a roll. Why add the manual step of resolving the number to an option when the program can do that for you?

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I actually was surprised that

I actually was surprised that the path system was not random in itself. Isn't that the point of the path system after all?

Also, it would be super useful to have a random option for flavour things like languages, specially for the aforementioned life path system.

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feature requests

Hey, all.

Orca had a pretty good idea/feature request thread going, so I have repurposed it as the feature request thread of record.

Please post your ideas & requests for new features here. We'll monitor this thread as we plan future releases.

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Criticism Agent has achieved Primacy.

I'd like to second having dropdowns for options with multiple entries such as skills, advantages and motivations, an armour total entry and rubbing some pretty on it.

I'd also like to see:
-Ego Trait list to have the CP worth of the trait listed.
-Morph selection divided into categories for easy selection (Ideally as a sub-page with morphs as buttons with an image/thumbnail of the morph on it).
-Either Flat as default morph OR default as no morph at all, and have multiple creatable tabs under the morph category so that multiple morphs can be saved so that the "active" morph can be simply swapped out.
-Split the skills tab, or have two Sub-tabs; one for active, one for knowledge, so the whole page can be used at once. Having to scroll that much is pretty annoying.
-Make it possible to alter the "Value" column so a desired value can be set, with the program altering the bought ranks to match when aptitudes/morph/advantages are altered later.
Make "Blueprints" a separate tab from Gear, or put in checkboxes to buy specific items as blueprints instead of having to sort them out by hand. Ditto for drugs/drug glands ect.
-Add morphs to the Gear tab, at least for character advancement.
-Either move the "CP Available" Tab from the bottom to the left or right, or remove it and have each tab have it's own Spent/available marker on it.
-Add the ability to make a CP-Summary Page, with lists with categories each thing bought with CP and how much it cost, so it's easier to see where the CP have gone to.

Really, it's a good program, it just needs a little polish.

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In the skills section change

In the skills section change the main way to set the skills from rank to cp invested or final base atribute with cp spent visible.

This way only one thing changes when changing the attributes after working on skills. Either the final value (you get what you paid for with CP) or the cost (you have to pay more/less when decreasing/increasing an attribute if you still want the final skill value you specified).

The way it is now, cost and rank changes when changing attributes.
Example: you have COG 10 and spend 50 Ranks on a COG skill. Cost is 50 final skill is 60. You decide to increase COG to 25. Final skill is now 75 and cost has increased to 65.

I think it is less clear what you are doing this way and you rather want a skill at a certein level or invest a fixed amount of CP. I can't see a scenarion where you just want to set your rank indepentently of your connected attribute.

P.S.: I love Singularity!

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Oooh, forgot this

Would it be possible to put a quantity value in the gear table? It'd be nice to be able to have 2 pistols without the full description turning up on the character sheet multiple times.

In the past we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few.
But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again?

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positive and negative traits

positive and negative traits need a spot where we can preview the CP cost before moving it into the acquired section. probably bold it in the trait description


Aptitude bonuses granted by the morph need to be aligned with their label

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Unless I've missed something (which is possible), characters do not start with a free Muse, nor is there any way to customize your Muse's aptitude(s), define it's knowledges, describe it's AR appearance, etc. For such an important part of the character, it seems like there ought to be a tab for the Muse with upgrades, etc.

I'm just about to start a campaign, and I'm just about sure one of my players will want to have a fork, customized Muse, or something else that's going to send the player to the book constantly and slow things down.

Minor additional issue: whenever I open a saved character, it adds a major blacklist to the character.

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As we are on the topic of

As we are on the topic of Muses, if we could include a box for adding a picture.

Inspiration from:
Know Evil
Identity Crisis

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would there be a way to add multiple morphs?

As the game lends itself to letting characters use multiple morphs, wouldn't it be cool to have that added to the sheet. To avoid having to create a brand new sheet ever time the character needs to switch bodies?

Inspiration from:
Know Evil
Identity Crisis

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Time Stamps

If we could add a section where Players could keep track of Rez Points, what has happened in that time period, updates on contacts, rep...

Like a journal.

Inspiration from:
Know Evil
Identity Crisis

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* Include the ability to organize everything alphabetically, including PDF. (I think this would be VERY important)

* Add the ability to manage multiple sheets at the same time

* Make the layout of the sheet closest to the original in the book would also be good.

* Add field for age, physical description, age visible, and a number of other fields present in the original sheet.

* Add Muse's Stats and mini-sheet.

* Split the active skills from the knowledge skills

* It would be nice to have a field for the Implants / Enhancements apart of the rest. Or create fields fot each category; Weapons, Armors, Augmentations, etc.. Everthing together is a mess.

* Also the possibility to add more the one new Rep field. And the posssibility to name it.

* Add a field to others ID's, like in the origina sheet.

* Quick-Save?

* Also, if you guys are going to implement the total Armor Value worn, would be nice to add a field spliting the armor that you are using from the armor that you have in other place (like multiplus armo that are not worn in the same time, but you can change them)

Sorry for any english mistakes.

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ThatWhichNeverWas wrote:Would

ThatWhichNeverWas wrote:
Would it be possible to put a quantity value in the gear table? It'd be nice to be able to have 2 pistols without the full description turning up on the character sheet multiple times.

seconded. 6 months backup insurance filled 1/2 a character sheet. =/
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Muse needs to be added to the

Muse needs to be added to the free list

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It might be an OS X specific

It might be an OS X specific annoyance, but there's no way to associate the app with the files it creates: double-clicking a Singularity savefile doesn't open Singularity, and dragging a file to the Singularity icon has no effect.

Similarly, saving an opened file doesn't just save it -- it pops up the "save" dialog and requires you to navigate to the original directory again. These are (relatively) minor annoyances, but I just went through a round of setup tasks, creating Singularity files for a bunch of PCs who'll be participating in a large group game, and the rough edges really added up.

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Requested Feature

It would be great to be able to generate stat blocks, instead of the just the entire character sheet. As a GM this would be handy for creating NPCs, for ease of reference during combat or opposed checks.

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Allow custum CP / Pack Points for character generation

Allow custum CP / Pack Points for character generation

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Feature wishlist

* Additional window showing descriptions of Morph traits, like it is done for Ego traits (Morph tab)

* Show CP cost for Morph/Ego traits in the selection window (Morph and Ego Traits tab)

* Show aptitude maximums for Morphs (in the Morph tab, and perhaps in the Aptitudes tab, too)

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Separate Data.txt into separate files:

I think that one of the things that could help with community expansions of the data that Singularity supports would be allowing Singularity to either load arbitrary input (i.e. you could tell it to load up EclipsePhaseHomebrew.txt), or to split up the files into separate smaller ones so that they're more manageable. I'm a little afraid to modify anything in there because even though the storage scheme is relatively neat I'm not sure how exactly it parses and don't want to mess up everything with an errant "|".

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Morph creation

* I'd really like to be able to create morphs as the GM and then export them to my players so they could import them to their characters.

* Multiple morphs for characters - ability to switch between active morph and have skill checks reflect it, among other things.

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Absolutely, this might be

Absolutely, this might be doable by hacking together a HTML Layout sheet... I've made a thread.

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I'd prefer skills to be grouped by aptitude and color coded

to match the Modifier Cards. You'd need one less column for bookkeeping, since the modifier cards would keep track of your morph bonus, and you wouldn't need to restat the character every time you change morphs, you'd just have the base aptitude, points spent and specializations, and done.

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With the speed that the

With the speed that the modifier card project moved, tying their modifications (which are experimental at this point) into Singularity haven't been discussed yet. But it's something to think about!

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No shredder ammo or option for blueprints

Most spray weapons don't have a tag for ammo, and other than the "free gear" there is no place to record any nanotech blueprints you might want to buy.

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Point Breakdown

A summary of subtotals you spent on skills, aptitudes, morphs, gear, softwear, knowledge's and moxie would be good to have, if you don't have it already.

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After Extended Use...

My feature requests are:

  • The ability to assign more than 99 rez after character creation for creating advanced characters.

  • The ability to reduce the cost of any item purchased to zero to facilitate rep/in-game gained equipment.

  • The ability to set costs to a given value instead of having to use the up/down arrow on the equipment sheet.

  • The ability to add another set of Psi options on the sheet.

  • Allowing multiple morphs per character sheet with the ability to set one or another as the active morph with tracking of augmentations separately.

  • Tracking Fake ID Rep networks.

  • Ordering of gear by either alphabetical list or by gear type on the equipment sheet.

  • Addition of skillsoft skills populating onto the sheet.

  • Sheet automatically tracking if you can ignore wounds and upto what level that is displayed on the sheet.

  • Automatic calculation of armor values with intelligence that determines if armor options stack with one another.

  • Exsurgent virus infection resistance automatically calculate on the sheet.

  • Basilisk hack resistance automatically calculated on the sheet.

  • Add the Tough trait to the character sheet.

~Alpha Fork Initialized.
P.S. I often post from my phone as I travel extensively for work. Please forgive typos and grammar issues.

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Morph bonuses

The ability to see morph skills bonuses (Such as the Hypergibbon's climb bonus etc)

Being able to change various CP costs assuming they're not hiding in the data file somewhere.

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I purchased the program and I'm sorry to say I expected better.

This is like a beginner made it.

being able to add additional skills would have been a plus along with the ability to add equipment and so on.

auto calc bonuses from cyberware and bioware items which I do not see it doing. Glitch or oversight?

no specializations preloaded?

this could and should be better for the cost.