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Final Playtest thread

Post your final comments here. It's been a long road, but we're now in layout and finalizing the text. Thanks!

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I've just finished reading it

I've just finished reading it, and I found it pretty good !

Even though it's probably too late, I have a few suggestion concerning skills :

- "Cover" is a bit specific to espionage IMO. Maybe it could be called "Privacy", representing the proficiency to control ones digital footprint through various means, from everyday good practices (such as not broadcasting too much from your PAN, using various accounts for different services) to criminal activities (forging / using false IDs). I think the skill wouldn't change much, but would feel less tied to a kind of play.

- I am not convinced by the Programming / Infosec split. I think those could be merged in a Software skill, covering the USE of software (including defense against hacking). Hacking is a stunt allowing you to use your software skill to ABUSE software.

Well, I'm nitpicking here, kudos for the great work !

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One thing that's occurred to

One thing that's occurred to me as I look over the most recent file (and this is something from the earlier versions as well that didn't jump out at me then), in the character creation section it might be a good idea to clarify how many 'free' stunts a character starts with, if any. That's something a lot of Fate hacks adjust, and the current conversion just says '3 to 5.' Given that you have to spend a certain amount of refresh at character creation, it's important to know how many stunts you start with before you start to dip into that pool.

A lot of my comments from the previous feedback thread still apply (, but this version seems to have mostly added rather than changed things anyways so I'm including the link simply as a reminder.

I like the 'treat Chi sleights as aspects, Gamma sleights as skills' system. Keeps things within an understandable framework.

Under the Psychosurgery table, it might be a good to clarify whether, when torturing for information, you determine how much information you need before determining the time frame or is it a separate roll for each day. What muddles this is the example for interrupted procedures, which suggests that a character is unlikely to have broken if it's taking a few days. Does that mean that torturing someone for multiple pieces of information takes longer to get anything out of the subject? It's confusing.

Also, it's not stated which Skill is used to oppose involuntary Psychosurgery. The assumption is Willpower, but it would be useful to clarify it. (And in which case, if someone has, say, a +2 Willpower, then is it really five shifts easier to change the core personality traits of an unwilling subject than a willing one?)

At the beginning of the section on the Exsurgent Virus, there's this: "Phases: Does the strain show its effects immediately, or does the infection work in phases? Transhumanity's Fate tracks the progress of the virus using" and then it just cuts off.