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Future, and it Doesn't Work

Welcome to a play-by-post, already in progress. This game has had a rocky start, that’s for sure. It began as a live Skype game with the dice roller on catchyourhare.com as a supplement, until it quickly become evident that time zones would be an issue. Then it was briefly on Roll20, but not all of us were on the same page when it came to Roll20. And now it is here, in a more reliable play-by-post form!

I’m going to lay down some rules. As Game Master, thebluespectre (that’s me) sets the scene, describing NPCs and the environment they are in. If a player has a suggestion for something or someone who would be in the scene, and I think it would make for a better story, I will gladly add it! I like seeing my player party do cool stuff and succeed. Adding disruptive elements or god-modding will be ignored, of course.

It’s kinda sad, but in most games time slows way down during combat due to the more complex rules required. When the game is in investigation mode, turn order is whenever a player posts something on this thread. We can meet up and roll the dice live if you wish, it’s fairer that way. When we are in battle mode, players must follow the initiative order. Any OOC questions should be privately messaged to the Game Master. Remember, you may have your character talk as much as you want during your turn, but a character must wait until THIER turn to respond to you!

Also, one rule for this play-by-post in specific; there IS a timer on responses, but it’s slower than the old live games. In investigation mode, you have 48 hours after I notify you to take an action. In battle mode, you have 24 hours. I’ll PM you guys when it’s your turn in that case. If you don’t move by then, your character is on NPC autopilot (I’ll be careful with your character. Mostly.). Your character will survive and help the ‘living’ players, but will never be in the spotlight and never really accomplish anything cool. You need to be here to have your character do cool things and get attention.

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Let's Begin.

Valles-New Shanghai is a rough place to die in. Even if you’re a wealthy man like “Lucky” Luciano Marconi, the game show host and self-made first gen Martian, having a backup does not guarantee your safety. If he didn’t have a private backup on file at his therapist’s clinic, he might have been permanently rubbed out.

Thankfully, Lucky has backups, and friends. Among these friends is Esteban “Fuel Rod” Mendoza, one of Pathfinder Corp’s celebrity gatecrashers. Glad to help an old frined (and hungry for Rep), Mendoza has gathered a small band of private investigators to figure out who is responsible for this.

Mendoza’s indentured servant and steward…
An Argonaut, unused to his rented Ruster morph…
A very clever arrival from Exotech’s campus, and their servitor…
A space pirate hoping to find something worth saving…
And a Jovian mendicant who has no idea what to make of this shit.

They’ve already made some progress. Right away they’ve checked up on the victim- Lucky’s still integrating to his replacement body, but gave some very odd clues; first, that he knows personal details about himself from far after his backup was made, and second, that his backup was handled differently than the rest of the clinic residents.

Another independent investigator is on the case- Syndee, a Skinthesia employee who is charismatic and very good at changing the subject. She is currently plumbing one of the clinic orderlies for information, and will probably report back soon.

Our heroes have two clear paths right now; either they could check out the crime scene (the studio Lucky was recording at) for more clues, or poke around in Lucky’s chateau so see what he’s been doing. Both of these areas have some dense police activity, so they’re going to have to be persuasive or sneaky to get any headway.


You are crossing the Little Shanghai district’s narrow streets, hoping to get a decent cup of tea at this hour. The neon signs leave streaks of red in your vision, and the AR ads for countless products clutter the walls. Rows of bicycles in varying states of repair are bound to the posts with padlocks. The scent of warm ramen and cheap perfume ripples in the stale air. It looks like you could buy two of anything here.

Everyone: What will your next objective be?

Dracosilv: How do you feel about being biological after so long in a synthetic morph? Humanity is a strange sensation after all. How does New Shanghai compare to the Argonaut’s labs, or Nova York?

Cori: You do errands around Little Shanghai all the time. Do you recognize any of the landmarks or people around here? Feel free to make some up.

Gloria/Megara: How novel are the sensations around here compared to the relatively sterile torus station you were in before? What are you experiencing for the first time? What kinds of pranks could Gloria pull?

Hunter: How does the relative… hugeness of Mars compare to the Regan cylinders of Jupiter? What the hell are some of these FREAKS that are walking around? Are… is that cat a person? Is that CAR a person? And what’s your dog nosing around at over there?

Henry: You’ve finally reunited with Draco, though he’s in a different body than when you first met him. The ego-cast to Mars has left you disoriented for the day; the doctor said you’ll recover quickly but your headache persists. Because I don’t want to force too much autopilot on Henry, why don’t you tell us how he caught up with the group?

Everyone: Describe your characters to Henry! Henry, describe your character to everyone else! Greetings are in order!

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Before anyone is able to

Before anyone is able to speak, the group hears a thump, it seems that 'dracosilv' has fainted, seemingly out of the blue

Draco: @_@;;;

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You're faint. You sit up, rubbing your head and shaking the grit from your hair. It has been years since the last time you have even lost your balance, back on the solar station when you were working the kinks out on that thrust vector system. There's a… drained feeling in your body, like you are about to fall asleep, along with a twitch in your eye and a 'pulling' sensation in the back of your throat.

Draco's Muse: She gives you a virtual hug. Muses are great… your Muse is even greater.

Dracosilv rolls Perception, 10 or lower: 09

Not many people noticed your fall. A loitering one-armed Case synth briefly turns their head, OLED eyes flickering. The AR tags floating near him insist he's not panhandling, because that's illegal to do in public.

Across the street, there is a fellow in a Worker Pod, a figure who resembles a plastic action figure more than a man. He pauses his Cribbage gambling app (which seems to be taking actual money) and mumbles to himself. He's visibly impatient.

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Megara looked around,

Megara looked around, overwhelmed with all of these new sights and sounds, just taking everything in. She knew they had a job to do, but... Everything was just so new to her. She paused as she looked to the man in the Worker Pod, curious about the game he seemed to be playing and making a note to herself that she may need to try it out later.

"So many things... After we get done with what we're doing, we should take some time to see the sights!"

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Gloria: "You bet your ass we will, sister. You know what a "comp" is? After we milk the casinos here, we'll have at least three of them."

SolArchive: Cribbage is an English playing card game invented in the early 17th century, where the total number of points is marked by progress on a game board. This man's virtual board is using the "Haunted Tomb" skin. His opponent has not made a move since you began observing him.

Gloria rolls Kinesics: 55 or under

Other than being pissed off, there's nothing noteworthy about this guy. He certainly sees you staring at him, though. He turns to look again as a kebab cart rolls past, blocking him from sight.

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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*moans a bit more as the

*moans a bit more as the spicy kebab cart rolls by, the scent overwhelming my senses*

*groans out* I feel as if i'm going through an acid trip simulation... >_<;;

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Draco's Muse:

Draco's Muse: (pretend this is in carrot marks, the forum's BBCode ate it)

Oh, that explains a lot… Draco, the headaches and fatigue are from caffeine withdrawal! Whoever used this morph last was taking no-doze pills instead of sleeping. Being empty between customers let the body get some rest, but the caffeine wasn't properly flushed out. Aw man, caffeine isn't supposed to be abused like this…

You take stock of the people following you.

Gloria Finkelday is in a vaguely Caucasian looking Exalt biomorph, essentially a Captain America-grade human being. Her hair is blonde curls, tied back, and she stands slightly under 200 CM tall. She's wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the Exotech company logo and distressed jeans- well smart clothing configured to look distressed.

"Megara" resembles a flawed copy of Gloria- her face and body superimposed over a Basic Pod, a cheap biosynth model that hasn't been mass-produced since Before Fall. She wears a moisture-wicking t-shirt and tough cargo pants, noticeably not made of nano tech.

Hunter Capó is a relatively short South American man with a military crew cut and deep pock marks on his cheeks. His face is obscured by that olive drab trench coat and fedora (or is it a trilby?) he wears outside all the time. Everything about Hunter's disposition screams "policeman". He… does not seem to have any augmentations. At all.

Cori Mocci is the most obvious Pleasure Pod you have seen in a while. Her metallic joints are in plain sight under her red quipao, suggesting she either doesn't care or is downright proud of them. Her dark hair is tied into a tight bun. She seems overwhelmed by all the commotion.

Henry Steward is in a Sylph biomorph- not the exact same one as before, but he seems to prefer stock models for ease of use. He's in a tough suit of polished red armor which roughly resembles a Direct Action peacekeeper's battle dress, though with no insignia or RFID tag. He carries a briefcase that looks awfully heavy.

And YOU are an Egyptian-looking Ruster, a human body redesigned to survive in the half-terraformed Martian atmosphere. Your bushy hair and voluminous beard are offset by a clean nanotube lab coat and corduroy pants. And you have a fricking headache.

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Oh gawd... its not just that

Oh gawd... its not just that guys..

*yelps and cringes slightly at my voice sounding 10 decibels too loud*


Its just.. all this.. sensory overload..

*closes my eyes to shield all the bright lights and sounds to more.. manageable levels*

I never /HAD/ smell and taste before.. not like this... its kinda overloading me a bit..

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God damn it Hoho

Hunter is a young, well built and rather stern looking private detective dressed in a green trenchcoat and fedora. His smart dog, Hoho (named after the long since lost snack pastry of Earth) was a smart dog with red fur, a cute face, and incredibly sharp teeth...

Hunter was thinking and thinking hard. His strange surroundings and even stranger 'comrades' made it difficult for him to focus. Despite being an investigator he felt her had trouble recalling things immediately and needed to mull the facts over so he could understand the entire picture.

Lucky Mendoza was a celebrity, maybe not one with any kind of ground shaking political powers but definitely a common face that people related too. As the host of a popular that hundreds of thousands of 'people' watched on a nearly daily basis. If he was killed, as in permanently killed, then it would terrify thousands and probably get more publicity then Lucky had when he was alive.

While he'd yet to thoroughly look into the game show or what kind of enemies Lucky may very well have had, this didn't feel like the act of some crazy fan or jealous rival.

The killer had somehow managed destroy nearly every copy of Lucky's personality and had supposedly only missed one because it was stored privately without hardly anyone else's knowledge.

There was only one person, though Hunter was sickened at the idea of even considering them a human being, that could have done this.

The Big Bad Wolf.

It seemed unlikely that any of Lucky's stalker level fans or near nonexistent rivals had the madness nor intelligence to pull something like this off.

A good chunk of the available evidence seemed to point to her involvement, however there was one contradictory piece to the whole bizarre puzzle that stopped Hunter from assuming the BBW was the culprit.

The Big Bad Wolf NEVER left survivors. She'd never made mistakes, not once. Sure she left clues, but they were always methodical, intentional, teasing little snip-its with such maddening vagueness that Hunter wondered if he'd lost some descent portion of his sanity struggling to figure out the eerie picture books left at the scenes of the crime meant. He'd only figured out the killer's preferred gender through sheer psychological analysis and even then she remained a mystery.

Was she human? An A.I? Some kind of cordial stack monstrosity? Was she more then one person?

Hunter had no idea, but intended to find out.

Ether the Big Bad Wolf had finally slipped up, someone else entirely was involved, or...the Lucky they had spoken too was not all he seemed to be.

None of the possibilities before him seemed all that pleasant and from the the sound of it, his compatriots were as far from thinking about the case as one could be.

"We can look at the sights later." He said, bluntly to Mergara. "Right now we need to continue the investigation and there are two places of interest, the first is the scene of the crime and the second is Lucky's chateau. I think Lucky is hiding something and his place of living seems like a good start, we can try to see the crime scene later but right now we need to focus on securing any information that might be found or possibly erased by someone else."

He looked over to one of the freaks, Draco was his name? And spoke.

"If you're any good at looking up information, do you think you can do some research on Lucky and his show? I'd like to find out more about any potential rivals or enemies he might have had. I personally have an idea of who might be responsible, but I can't rule out other possible suspects at this point. I'd do it myself but I don't see why I should do all the work..."

After saying that Hunter strolled over to where Hoho, his smart dog was. She was a small, but powerful and intelligent dog with a cute face and sleek red fur. He had no idea what she was sticking her nose into, but walked over to find out.

"What is it, Hoho? Find anything interesting?

[Hunter won't be taking any rolls this post. He does however request Draco or anyone who can to do a Research check on Lucky's show and any potential individuals who might hate him or love him a bit too much.]

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*winces a bit at his loudness

*winces a bit at his loudness of speech*

I'll try.. but it'll take a bit longer than usual.. considering the loudness of the stimuli around me.. and if I can't, i can find someone who can!

*taps his head, referring to his muse, and regretting it immediately, due to his mal-adjusted, overly-strong sense of sound*

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Megara raised her hand,

Megara raised her hand, smirking. "I'll take care of it, no problem." The woman seemed rather confident in her ability to take care of such things. She likely was a research buff that helped Gloria regularly

[Commencing Research and/or Celebrity Gossip on Lucky]

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232's move

Rolling Research, 60 or below

13- not an exceptional result, but a success nonetheless.

Gloria and Megara pull up some interesting results on Lucky's show, Castle of Peril. The title seems designed more for ease of translation than for elegance in English.

Apparently, "Lucky" Luciano was one of the very first wave of Martian terraformers who migrated to Mars during early colonization. He was also one of the people who used resleeving technology when it was new and untested; he was copied onto an Alpiner, what amounts a prototype of that Ruster who is sitting on his butt and holding his hands over his ears next to you. Lucky was probably among the first dozen people who breathed Martian atmosphere, and that's worth some clout.

Castle of Peril is a game show based off of the dangers Lucky faced from the primal Martian atmosphere. Contestants are placed into completely equal morphs and tasked with navigating (simulated) dust storms, bracing against (simulated) polar floods, co-ordinating multiple (not simulated) mining drones and other tasks a dome-dwelling civilian might not have experienced before. The top four contestants would go onto the "castle" in question, a rock climbing wall based loosely after Olympus Mons. Though you kind of assumed Olympus Mons was… flatter… and had less polystyrene rocks rolling down the sides. And why is there a giant "channel worm" cryptid wiggling around?

Most terraformers did not have the same fortune Lucky did. He began his career on Mars as a foreman with interpersonal skills, which helped him sell his stories and led to a career in broadcasting. Few other "rednecks" are so privileged, and continue to dwell by themselves in the Martian outback. Good thing they can breathe the air.

Rolling Interest: Celebrity Gossip, 60 or below

45, pretty damn high.

Lucky throws hedonistic parties at his chateau like, every week. Hedonistic by the standards of New Shanghai anyways. He's been seen with a new woman nearly every time; most recently, he was with Roz Santi, this cute girl in a young Splicer with a red eyebrow tattoo. The tabloid magazine you pulled an image of managed to get a frame of Luciano's mouth making an "o" shape, since it looks more stupid. Even future tabloids are predictable.

Draco's move next…

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Draco's turn

Draco's Muse rolls Research, 45 or below

20, plenty

Draco's Muse: Ooh! I was looking at the morph designs Lucky uses in his shows… He has an endorsement deal with Skinthesia, the hypercorp that does most of the non-practical bodies on Mars. *bounces* The last show's morphs were plain Worker Pods, except with really mutable design… not only do they have the chameleon mods to adjust their skin tone, they can adjust their skeletal structure as well! I'm not sure how healthy they are when their bones aren't the regular blood cell making kind, but synthorgs have mechanical bits to hold their organs together anyways. These ones don't even have visible seams, unlike Gambling Man over there. *she pats an AR image of one of the Worker Pods on the head.*

So it's kind of disturbing that the WHOLE shipment of morphs went missing after the show. Someone might be trying to rob him blind.

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Hunter's dog rolls Scrounging

78, no dice

The streets of Little Shanghai have plenty of human refuse, but very little literal refuse. Come to think of it, Hunter has not seen a "trash can" since he departed from the republic. Everything goes right back into the nano-recyclers. It's like having a running wood chipper in your kitchen, not the safest feeling.

The lady pushing the kebab cart is irritated at Hoho for nosing at her stuff, though.

Kebab Merchant: "让离开我的路!"

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Enters three hood guys

Just then three people with hoods appears out of nowhere after the chinese lady left seeing the fight. One of them says "Wonder what's going on?" he says.

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Draco: Hunh? *is still a bit

Draco: Hunh? *is still a bit disoriented from the sensory overload* Fight? Where? Oh.. and please don't talk too loud.. my head's still spinning...

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Henry introduce himself.

"Sorry...was just looking around seeing you're daydreaming or not!" one of the hooded men introduce himself knowing he's the leader. "it's been a long time, Draco." as he opens the hood it to reveal Henry Steward.

dracosilv dracosilv's picture
*peers closely at the man,

*peers closely at the man, through squinted eyes*

I do know a Henry.. but.. you're slightly different than the Henry I remember..

[lets see.. maybe roll a perception or a 'see-if-he's lying sort of check?' don't exactly know what that would be called]

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Henry's new look.

"Lets just say it's a new body" as he takes off the hood revealing somewhat a teenage body who's in his 20s with blonde hair and wearing a green assassin outfit.

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Megara cocked an eyebrow.

Megara cocked an eyebrow. "The way you were coming out of the alley looked like you were wanting a fight. Might wanna be careful with that, some people may not react so kindly." She sighed, shaking her head. "We need to figure out where to go first..."

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Gloria checks out Henry

"Woah, sweet." *she looks over Henry…* "You have that Direct Action look. Not exactly DA, though. Some new small startup? I bet you had to put up with a FUCK-ton of bullshit to get set up." *she notices your briefcase* "Concealing your weapons? I get it, you don't want anyone panicking just because there's PMCs around. Who are those other guys, though?"

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Draco's turn

Draco rolls Kinesics: 15 or below

95… he's still new at this.

That doesn't look like the morph Henry was using back rimward, though his mesh ID DOES say "Henry Steward" on it. The ID lists him as an "ecologist"… the usual euphemism used for "treasure hunter" these days. He's still visibly a Sylph, though; barely a scrap of body fat on him.

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Henry looks around

Henry rolls Academics: Topology


New Shanghai is yet another Martian dome city. The place is built in a more chaotic manner than Noctis or Olympia… you can barely make sense of the street layout. These neon-streaked commercial districts are within spitting distance of glitzy movie studios, it's insane.

Looking at the other player characters:

-There is an indentured servant girl in a red quipao. She has not said anything yet… she seems afraid of you, or just afraid in general.

-There is Draco, who is visibly uncomfortable with being human. His squeaky-voiced companion does not have a robot to ride on at the moment.

-The two Glorias… the rough looking one, Megara, seems somehow youthful and mature at the same time.

-And the detective… the detective. You can tell just by looking at him that he's a cop. You've had to deal with people like that before in your line of work, though usually they were taller.

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Looking at the Chinese Girl

Henry then look around and see a Chinese girl "Anyone know who she is?" he asks

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What the hell did you say?

Kebab Merchant: "让离开我的路!"

Hunter narrowed his eyes and tried to recall his Japanese, in the hopes of making sense of whatever the Kebab merchant just said to him...

(Hunter will be making a roll on his Japanese Language skill, which is at 50)

thebluespectre thebluespectre's picture

The kebab merchant was speaking Chinese. Thankfully, Cori speaks basic Mandarin at 50. Hunter is correct, though, 50 or more equals comfortable fluency and requires no roll.

Cori's Muse: < Hello, folks! The nice lady selling genuine beef on bamboo skewers said "Get out of my way" in a very rough manner. That's not very polite! Also, she seems to be rushing through this particular part of town. That's worrying! >

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Stopping the chinese girl

"Wait!" as one of the Henry's hooded friends tries to stop her "You should not try to rush like that?!" she tries to tell that to the chinese girl worrying she might injured herself.

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*thinks to himself* That

*thinks to himself* That language.. sounds vaguely old-earth asian...

@draco-muse: Do you have any language or communications skills you could put to use? Maybe help diffuse this.. *squints a bit* possibly sticky and awkward situation?

dracosilv dracosilv's picture
*due to the sensory overload,

*due to the sensory overload, draco just notices and 'puts together' the 'nosy-dog' and 'kebab-vendor' 'datasets'*

Uhm.. ma'am? I'd.. like to buy two of your kebabs, please?

thebluespectre thebluespectre's picture
Street vendor

Vendor: "Oh! 当然,二十块钱。" *Stops and backs up the cart.* "是你受伤了,还是输了吗?"

(Of course, twenty C-notes. Are you lost, or hurt?)

*She seems perplexed by the large gathering of people here…*

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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For real, Yvoone?

The girl ask before she removes her hood "No I was asking if you have any chinese dumplings? I'm just hungry!"

Henry face fault a bit " Really, Yvoone? You're stopping her because you're hungry?"

andrewwong36 andrewwong36's picture
For real, Yvoone?

The girl ask before she removes her hood "No I was asking if you have any chinese dumplings? I'm just hungry!"

Henry face fault a bit " Really, Yvoone? You're stopping her because you're hungry?"

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Cori gets bored

Cori had the body of a japanese supermodel, and the mind of a child. No, really, she was trained for it! Ever since her indentured life as a slave mascot moogle, she's still had so many kinks in her system to smooth out. The kupoing was perhaps just about the most difficult one to iron out.

Bubbly as she was, the whole investigation bit? Honestly, it was out of her league! It was no wonder that, for such an extended period of time, she had decided to slack off and enjoy the scenery of new shanghai as normal.

Being who she was, she just wanted to have fun! And that could happen in one of three ways. Entertaining others, playing games, and beating people up. That last one never did actually happened, but she could only imagine it to be fun! Dancing through the imaginative girl's mind were ideas of how many bad guys she'd get to beat up during the investigation.

Only, she hadn't gotten that opportunity yet..

She frowned at that! Turning away from the arcade machine she had been pounding away at with a grumbling pout.

The arcade was usually so good at getting her mind off of things, but now she was just feeling guilty; she had work to do. Real, big girl--err..adult work to be doing. She needed to find her team. Preferably the part of the team that had gone to the more dangerous part of town..

"Murmur..? Do you know where everybody on the investigation is right now?"

thebluespectre thebluespectre's picture

Henry's follower is a young Swedish woman with straight, dirty-blonde hair. Her features are stern, but you can see a confident smile behind the military look. Her poncho is slick with rain.

Yvonne: *her lips stay still as she sends a voice message to you* < Doctor Draco, good to see you again. Don't you hate renting an unfamiliar morph? This looks the same, but it's just a human mask over a cheap synth. At least it has a stomach… *shrugs* I'll split the dumplings with you, no problem. I can't eat much right after an ego cast. >

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Cori's move

After spending years under the yoke of Square-Enix-Goya (now a subsidiary of Experia), it's great to play some games that aren't either ancient or composed entirely of flashy graphics/appeals to nostalgia. For instance, this one arcade cabinet with the sweet gimmick controller, where you simulate getting angry and flipping a table. You knocked over FOUR cartoon disco dancers. Four.

Murmur (Cori's Muse): < I've been watching, kupo! > *The small image of a giant-nosed Moogle floats on the edge of her vision* < Besides us the eight or nine friends you have here, Syndee from Experia's higher-up divisions has been pressing one of the mental health clinic's orderlies for information. that's helpful! As for us, Henry is one of Draco's friends he called for safety. You know how Little Shanghai can get at night. >

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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*rummages around in my

*rummages around in my pockets for any sort of money i could pay her with*

*in the middle of my fumblings I hear the name Yvonne, and look up just as the voice message starts*

[assumedly roll for 'validation-check of the transmission?]

*to myself* Now that's a name i've not heard in a while...

thebluespectre thebluespectre's picture

There is no need to rummage. It's electronic currency… not bit coins or other crypto currency, it's far more protected. It's also not a thing that's in your pockets, it would be attached to your ID. Yours currently has none.

Yvonne: < Friends, please, I can afford takeout. > *transfers a few credits to the vendor* < Just because I'm cut off from the family doesn't mean I don't understand money. >

Draco Rolls Interface:

Yup, that's Yvonne. She still has the nautical motifs on her browser and everything. Funnily enough, she still bears the old Direct Action logo on her ID despite obviously not working for them anymore. Not as a soldier, though. It says… Public Relations.

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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*yells out to her and out of

*yells out to her and out of instinct, tries to curl/coil around her as my.. well. normal-to-me dragon form would do, except.. well.. you can figure out what's 'missing'*

*ends up both giving myself a headache from my own yelling, and falls to the ground like a 'fool'*


*moans out* uugh.. I wish someone could fix these hyperactive senses of mine....

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Everyone's distracted...

Hunter sighed seeing how everyone was getting side tracked. He shooed Hoho away from the cart despite her hungry pantings and looked around at the others.

"Some takeout wouldn't hurt, but let's try to get it to go OK? The longer we stand around here wasting time, the more difficult it's going to be to secure evidence. It shouldn't be too hard to get to Lucky's penthouse from here, we'll probably need to talk or sneak our way past the cops but that shouldn't be too difficult given they'll be more focused on protecting the actual murder scene."

He bent over, giving his plush red smart dog a couple of loving pats on the head before looking up and briefly hoping he'd be able to snag some eggrolls from the others to quell Hoho's hunger.

(Hunter takes no actions this turn, but reminds the others they need to get going to Lucky's penthouse)

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Moving forward

Draco's Muse: < What you're going through is natural, Draco… your new morph is pretty different from the last one, it's only natural to be a little alienated. Have you ever seen a human try to move in an octopus' body? They look a little like garden slugs. >

Levi (Henry's Muse) rolls Interest: Local News; 50 or below

Levi: < Henry, I'm not seeing any reports about the NSPD searching Lucky's house. > *The image of a classy lady rests a hand on her chin* < All the news is about some protest happening at the edge of the district. >

Hoho: "ARF?"

Hunter has never needed a Muse, he does his own damn thinking. That dog of his is endlessly loyal, though. She followed him all the way from Jupiter, and hasn't bitten anyone even once, even when she really should have. She's not really a military dog.

Yvonne gets everyone some dumplings and kebabs, making sure to throw Hoho a scrap… she seems to like that doggy.

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Third member revealed

Henry sighs as he knows that Yvoone is using HIS other account instead of hers but didn't dare to say it. But just then the last hooded member of Henry's group decides to take off her hood revealing a busty lady wearing a chinese outfit with black long hair. She doesn't seems to be Chinese but she looks European.

"Thanks Yvoone!" says Karla as she passes her some Kebab " I needed that" while taking a bit.

"Well I wish I could bring Darul along but he needs to 'babysit' the other two 'children' as you're not a good one..." Henry says with a sigh looking at her.

Karla jeers and laughs "What? Can't I teach them a bit of 'personal lesson'? It's not my fault for Sammy asking you about bre..."

Yvoone interrupts them "Anyway, Mars brings back memories right, Henry?"

"Yeah...this is where I met Darul in the first place..." he says as he notice the bar opposite the restaurant they're eating together.

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And Karla!

Draco Rolls Profession: Morph Designer
23, plenty

Karla isn't as burly as the last time you saw her. Veins aren't bulging either. This isn't the Fury Karla was using as her main morph rimward, naturally.

That bluish silver collide tinge in her skin… looks like the trademark of a ComEx-brand Hibernoid, the kind of morph used by couriers on long-haul trips. If you need a human to last for a few months on limited resources, use a human with total control over their sleep cycles. The boob job is not standard, and Karla seems to have silk bioweave armor implants if your terahertz scan means anything, so it's customized slightly.

Karla: "Yeah, I couldn't leave Henry by himself. Ego-casting alone is hard, especially if you get airsick as badly as he does." *hands on hips* "It's too bad that I couldn't find a second surplus military morph just laying around on Mars, but this'll do. Henry picked it out, actually." < I'm amazed he found another woman on short notice. > *blinks awkwardly* "Also, I can see terahertz waves too, Draco. Please don't stare."

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Henry tries to relax

It's true, switching bodies never feels too pleasant. Even the most flexible people in the world get disoriented once in a while; For the weakest folks, even shaving their head makes them unfamiliar to themselves in a mirror.

Henry, though… every time, something aches. There's a pounding rhythm deep in his body today, an incessant noise, an endless reverberation. He can feel his heart just fine, this is something else, something deeper. Slow, powerful feelings. Thud. Thud.

As for Draco…

Ever since Draco was overwhelmed by the crowd, he's felt a burning inside him. Everything seems slower, sharper, more focused. His fingertips jitter. Is this what adrenaline feels like?

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Gloria's fascination

Gloria: "Hey girls! I like the matching ponchos."

Yvonne: < The ponchos were my idea, actually. > *slight smile…* < If we have matching outfits, we don't look like lost tourists- which about half of us actually are- and nobody preys on us. >

Gloria: "I see you've thought of this. Henry's talking like you're some sort of crew?"

Karla: *points in the air* "Yeah. We're Luna's premier reclaimer group, The Infamous 6!"

Gloria: *thinks to herself* "Um… never heard of them."

Karla: "Oh god dammit."

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ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Darul and Henry's story encounter Part 1

Henry tells her "Relax Karla! It's better this way or else a group of mercenaries would hound down on us."

Karla says childishly "Oh poop!"

Henry then continues "But actually that cafe's where Me, Darul and Cyril met!" as he points at the Ye New Will O' Wisp Bar opposite the cafe.

Henry then ask his muse Levi "Hey Levi, is Darul on the comm ?"

dracosilv dracosilv's picture
*blushes at Karla's offhand

*blushes at Karla's offhand gesture*

S.. sorry about that... say.. do you have any sort of patch for this.. sensory-scaling issue? Everything seems just... a bit TOO bright and intense.. compared to what i'm used to that is..

You know Henry.. your muse told you about some sort of a riot, and that got me thinking. Maybe we could reminince down memory lane as we go scope out the scuffle? It does seem a bit.. odd that there's /conveniently/ a riot to draw the cops' attention away from an important-to-us crime-scene...

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Henry calls on Darul

Levi: < Calling a friend? I'll patch you in right now. >

Darul (Long distance call): < Very good to hear you, friends, very good to hear you. I should give you a warning, I'm not exactly welcome in large Martian cities. Please do not use my real name. Call me, a-hah, "Raheed Assaf". You mentioned the Will-o-Wisp? Yes, a very nice bar and grill. It is not like some Shanghai taverns, I can have a ginger ale and not be laughed at. >

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ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Draco has a question!

Karla: "Trust me, I feel disoriented too. You should feel better by tomorrow. Though… if you really can't handle the overstimulation, you could always just use an AR perception filter. That's what my mom did to cope with claustrophobia. Kinda futzed with her hand-eye coordination, but everything felt farther away for her."

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

dracosilv dracosilv's picture
@My muse Can you locate/find

@My muse Can you locate/find/get me one of those aformentioned filters? I'll take it from there to.. wean myself off of it.. the sooner i get to 'feeling' 100% the better.

*muses to myself* However.. the sooner I get into my Prime-body. the better i'll feel and be as well..

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Comm talk

Henry then says "Okay...'Raheed'. Well how are the other two?"

"Well so far they are kinda building some...." Darul mention until..

"Hey Henry! Is that you?! Cyril here. Hope you get back soon...it's pretty boring here?!" a boy in his teen voice out.

"Let me talk! Hey Henry! Sammy here. Be sure to get some spare parts since i need it for the weapon upgrades okay? Oh can you get me some keba..."

"That's enough kids! You do realize we can't speak on the phone for that long?" Darul voice back over Levi "We can't have them intercepting us okay?"

"Meh!" as both says.

"Ahem...anyway is it ok if I tell them about how I first met you at the bar?" Henry asks "I'm pretty sure they wish to know."

"Well fine...but just be sure to bring back the stuff we ask...and what the kids asks!" Darul says.

"WE'RE NOT KIDS!!!!" as they could hear their voice from behind.

"Fine Fine! Comm out!" Henry says ending their conversation.