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Glorious Explosions

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Glorious Explosions
Okay, this is a boasting, tale-sharing thread. :) Share the stories of the biggest in-game kabooms that you have instigated (as a PC) or enabled (as a GM). I'll go first: For the moment, I just had my PCs deal with a pair of TITAN-built Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles by throwing chaff in front of them. At the terminal moment, the kinetic missiles consisted of an 18 meter long, 3 meter diameter tungsten cylinder moving at ~3450 km/s. The chaff was ball bearings--lots of ball bearings, in the 25-50 cm size range. My PCs managed to outmaneuver the warheads by orienting the chaff so that the missile was suckered into hitting them--basically, it could course correct and miss the target, stay on target and get vaporized by the collision, or maneuver around and attempt to reacquire. It chose number 3 and found that my PCs had outmaneuvered it and left it a little trap in the sensor shadow of the first wave of chaff. BOOM. BOOM. Sorry TITANs, you don't get to wipe out either the mobile factory or the Pandora Gate station, both of which had to dodge high-speed debris, but, in space, a meter is as good a miss as a kilometer. I haven't done the math yet on the energy output of those booms, but my PCs made sure to point the long range telescopes on the various ships of the rescue fleet at the them, so as to get the full view from all angles. :)

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