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/I am curious but...

With out anything.. no screen shots no videos and a 30 dollar price tag for something sight unseen is not really reasonable. No demo nothing...That should change. At the very least have a demo and some screen shots of what it is we are buying.

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Having a demo would be

Having a demo would be difficult, but I agree that the lack of screenshots is disconcerting.

As someone who has Singularity, I'd say that the lack of support is the biggest factor in me not recommending it. It doesn't allow you to implement any custom rules at any point in the stage, some elements of the Lifepath system from Transhuman don't (or didn't as of an update ago) work correctly, and it's remarkably opaque at times.

The problem is that there are third-party Eclipse Phase character tools that don't offer quite as much as Singularity, but are free and sometimes even a little more stable.

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It is a shame they haven't done any updates recently.

On a plus side, with the release of FATE Eclipse Phase, Hero Labs has FATE core for character generation.

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