[LFG] Looking for game - Americas (GMT -~5) - any nights but Tue&Thr

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[LFG] Looking for game - Americas (GMT -~5) - any nights but Tue&Thr

Hi there.

I've been a fan of Iain M Banks' Culture novels since forever and have been looking for a good game to scratch that itch. So, combined with my love of Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green, naturally, when I found this, I had to have it. :)

I'm a big fan of the 2nd Edition AD&D setting: Planescape and have played a fair bit of 5E. Some Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green, but I've been looking for some good sci-fi.

Hope there's folks out there who are interested as well.

Tough thing is that I GM two other games and so I'm really looking to be a player in this.

I'm hoping to play over voice using Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds (I have an ultimate license) and don't prefer play-by-post.

I'd be plenty happy to join an existing group if you'd have me.

For games, I like role-playing, exploration, intrigue & diplomacy, investigation, stealth, and of course, the occasional need for frenetic violence.

I usually play wizards, whether tech or magical. I like spies, fast-talkers, stealthy bastards, and infomorph surveillance junkies.

I'm in Minneapolis, if that's relevant, but any timezone in the Americas might work. Any nights but Tuesday or Thursday work for me.

Hope to see some interest!