Looking to run a short EP adventure

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Looking to run a short EP adventure

Hey there, I'm looking to get a short Eclipse Phase adventure going. It'll most likely last around 6 sessions including a session 0 to meet and make characters. My discord ID is Telivan#5756 if you have more questions.

I'll be hosting this on the Fellowship of the Tables discord server: https://discord.gg/z59WF7q
and I'll be using roll20 for rolling and storage.

Potential times are as follows:
Day/Time: Saturday at 9pm EST
Frequency: Weekly
Open spots: 3

Day/Time: Thursday at 9pm EST
Frequency: Biweekly
Open spots: 1

Day/Time: Friday at 1pm EST
Frequency: Biweekly
Open Spots: 3

A quick intro to what I have planned:
System: Eclipse Phase
Eclipse Phase is a hard-ish science fiction game. It’s set 10 years after a group of ASIs known as the TITANS destroyed Earth and most of humanity with it. Humans are now scattered across the solar system and slowly rebuilding from that cataclysmic event. Players are agents of a group called Firewall. Firewall is an organization dedicated to preserving what is left of humanity from existential threats.

Game: The Enemy of my Enemy
[Incoming Message. Source: Proxy Eyes]
[Public Key Decryption Complete]
Welcome to Titan, Sentinels. Since we have a couple of first timers I’ll forward you a short orientation on the Titanian Commonwealth to get you up to speed. You might be wondering what happened to Proxy Whisper, as you were originally supposed to be moved into their server. A recent operation brought Titanian Intelligence down on us and we were forced to shuffle our assets around. We need agents unknown to Titanian Intelligence and I’m sure you’ll all be glad of the change of scenery.

Proxy Whisper put together a briefing for you before he had to leave the system. I’m forwarding that with the other information I’ll be sending you.

Welcome to Titan orientation for the newbies.

Be careful agents.