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[MAP] EP Solar System Info Heavy Maps

An information packed map of the planets, moons and stations from Mercury to Jupiter.

The orbits are to scale and the planetary positions should be correct as of 1st of January 2100. As can be seen I've tried to cram as much info as I can into this A4 (300dpi) landscape image and part of that was that I wanted to see potential inter-planetary space lanes. The planets are to scale relative to each other, as are the moons but are all obviously greatly* magnified - the moons more so.

The trojans are placed very roughly where I think they should be around about 60 degrees before/after Jupiter and Mars. I simply lumped all the earth-sun/earth-moon lagrange space habitats above the moon stations for simplicity (and space).

* not very scientific I know

Update: 11th May 2013 Updated Map

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Neat , I love information

Neat , I love information heavy infographics and this one works well.
It needs to be part of a series though. :)

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I have the skeleton for the

I have the skeleton for the outer system, but need to find the time and motivation to add all the habitats and colonies. I note that Eris is pretty much as far out on its orbit as it can be in 2100.

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Damn nice presentation!

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any chance of getting the outer system one? love the graphic, but I'm an outer system guy ;-)


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I am working (very slowly) on

I am working (very slowly) on the outer system. Meanwhile, I've done a closeup of Saturn with its moons. It is fairly large at 5137x2497 so I'm using a narrow version to show here, the image links to the full version. It is a bit wordy, but at least the orbits, moons and planets should be to scale.

Update: 11th May 2013 - Map updated and zoomed in for better presentation (Iapetus is too far out to be seen on this map, but who would be crazy enough to visit a TITAN matrioskha brain anyway...)

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Tons of Info

There is so much content on these pages, it's great :)

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WOW, wow, wow!

You have done an amazing work on these. I am stunned. What are you working in? Illustrator? Is it possible to get it in PDF och Illustrator-format? I would love to print them out and have them as posters.

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Uh, not to denigrate all of

Uh, not to denigrate all of the hard effort you put into it, but AF 10 is almost certainly not AD 2100. 2144 +/- 5 years is most probable, though 2060 and 2228 (again +/- 5 years) are also possible. We know this because Uranus's south pole is stated to be in "mid spring".

Check out the posts in this thread:

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Hold on to your hats, but I

Hold on to your hats, but I use paint.net for the most part. Free and easy to use. Gimp is great, but also a bit overkill for this. I can certainly make some PDF versions or pretty much any other format, but before I do that let me finish some corrections I've been doing to both of these. If anyone has spotted errors let me know and I'll fix those at the same time.

Thanks for the link to the celestia plugin project. I wasn't aware it had been attempted. Did anything come of it?

I picked 2100 as a simple round year that seems plausible and has been thrown around in other threads (besides that matches nicely with the year in Transhuman Space which I figured could be useful). If it has been shown that the likely year is 2144 +/- 5 though then I might consider doing a second set for that as moving the layers would not be too hard, but I'm not going to start that until everything is done. Also note that the year for the Saturn map is 2013. This was due to the slightly fiddly controls in Celestia for setting the time reset without me noticing when I was playing with the time to get the moons spread-out somewhat conveniently. Shouldn't matter though as the moons orbit so fast anyway that year is pretty meaningless (e.g. Titan with its 15 day orbit).

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Hey, Maskin!

What is the name of that digital display font you are using in the left upper corner? Looks nice!

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Ok, the outer system is done.

Ok, the outer system is done. As usual this is a a huge file and if you open the link to the full version you can even see the orbits of the inner planets. The original is actually twice the resolution, but 6000x5000 should be more than enough for most purposes. I know this one has a lot more empty space than the inner system map, but given the size and distances of the outer system I consider this a feature and not a bug.

I'll do a PDF sometime soon, but as I'm running my own little kickstarter AND selling my flat at the moment that might have to wait until later in the year.

The Font you refer to is LED BOARD REVERSED (LEDBDREV.TTF) - it is a free font and yes I like it too. :)

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I just have to give it to you; You have done it again. Super-great work! My players will be stunned when they see this.

I can wait for that PDF a looong time. Take it cool, no stress. Thanx for the name of that font. *bows*

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This is simply mind-blowing. I take my hat off and bow to you, good Sir.

Great work, indeed!

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Wonderful! I love this kind

Wonderful! I love this kind of shorthand maps.