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Map of the Solar System

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Map of the Solar System
Hey, For personal use I created map with all the settlements described in the main rulebook in System Gazeteer. The layout is inspired a bit by the Frontier games where you can see overview of the whole star system. I had in plans also marking on the map where are all the factions but that could make the whole thing too cluttered. https://www.dropbox.com/s/277ygvka8af6zs6/eclipse_phase_map.jpg?dl=0 - JPG file here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o4h2gmztrlz0y3r/eclipse_phase_map_big.jpg?dl=0 - JPG in higher resolution (6016 x 3432 px) https://www.dropbox.com/s/96mfovyz9vuvxfj/map.psd?dl=0 - full PSD file in case you would like to play with it. Hope you like it :). UPDATE: Small fix of one mistake. There should be Extropia Station instead of ExOtropia Station. UPDATE2: Added Remembrance station.
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Great and informative.
Great and informative. It also does great job of splitting the system by the ease of travel without involving orbital mechanics or scale where the sun takes half the map and steroids or Pluto being imperceptible specks. Factions could be represented with symbols or colours or even boxes around bodies. Anyway there could be a lot of information added to that map without cluttering it that much, but I will try that after printing it out.
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Thanks! I reuploaded files beacause there was one name mistake. I also added bigger resolution image in the first post in case you want to print it poster size. The whole thing was made in Photoshop but everything is vector shapes so it can be enlarged to any size. I'll experiment with adding more information while keeping the whole image readable. One thing I thought of would be indication of how big population is in every habitat. It could be shown with color (warmer color means bigger population) or with amount of dots/stripes next to the planet or space station name. Factions could be shown too. Maybe box around fragments of the map will be enough.
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I added locations of the main
I added locations of the main political blocs (except for Scum which don't really have main place beacause of nomadic lifestyle). Also forgot about Remembrance station on Earth orbit. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnkjelnjadqi9nx/eclipse_phase_map_factions.jpg...
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I really like this! I'll have to print out a big one next time I run Eclipse Phase
A slight smell of ions....
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great !
A real graphical challenge to properly represent the complex solar system in a printer friendly setting. Was looking for that kind of map for a long time and yours is the best I found.