May 29 - Open Playtest Changelog

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May 29 - Open Playtest Changelog

Extra wounds may be scored for each multiple of the Wound Threshold that the inflicted damage exceeds

If the inflicted damaged (less armor) is more than the defender's Wound Threshold, one or more wounds are scored. A wound is scored for each multiple of the of the Wound Threshold that the damage exceeds. For example, against a Wound Threshold of 7, 1 wound is inflicted for every 7 points of damage inflicted at once (so, 14 damage inflicts 2 wounds, 21 damage inflicts 3 wounds, etc.).


* Changed Initiative so you can delay into the next turn.

* Initiative changed to 1d6 + INIT (instead of 1d10)
* Regaining pool points with a critical success was cut, moved to Optional Rules
* Pools: changed first option to "Ignore all modifiers to the test." (not just the negative ones).

* Pools: Extra action from Insight/Vigor can be a complex action or 2 quick actions.

* Eliminated spending Moxie to refresh Major rep favors (still allowed for Minor/Moderate).


* Buying extra gear with MP changed from cost of 4 to 3 for Major complexity

* Maxed out the amount of temp Flex you can get from unspent MP at 3.
* Added a Drone Affinity trait

* Updated Resources trait


* The option for critical hits to reduce AV by half was moved to Optional Rules.
* Added clarification for Fray against area-effect attacks.

* Ammo and Firing Modes reintroduced
* Replaced the Scatter diagram with a dice roll.
* Made attacks against the helpless more lethal.

* A paragraph on using Motivations added to the Social Manipulation section

* Exceeding Lucidity clarified, psychotherapy recast as psychosurgery.

* Asyncs no longer must take Instability and Mental Vulnerability. They must still take 1 disorder, but only 1, no matter the level of Psi trait.

* Base Infection Rating now equals Level x 10.

* Psi ranges now treated more like combat. Psi vs psi range includes psi against exsurgents.

* Every sub-strain now comes with its own Motivation.

* Strain effects renamed influence effects.
* Breaking Points/triggered disorders removed as an influence effect.