Million Years Echo: Second Edition Conversion

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Million Years Echo: Second Edition Conversion

Hello fellow Sentinels,

after searching for character-conversions from edition con-missions to second edition without success, I took the freedom to just rebuild the characters myself. For my personal favorite mission, Million Years Echo (a.k.a. Doctrine), I build the characters anew - using the 1st. edition originals more as a guidline.

The Characters have more starting gear than they usually would, since the conversion was too much work here, but it worked exseptionally well in my playtest with a group of players. In short: there was a lot of explosions.

I used fillable PDFs by eldaniello from this forum.

Unfortunately I can't upload the files here, since they are 1.42 MB big instead of 1MB as is requested. I can't possibly compress those even further. Any ideas?