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Mind Hacks Patch to v2 Playtest

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Mind Hacks Patch to v2 Playtest
We're releasing another chapter of Transhumanity's Fate material and would appreciate your thoughts on it. The Mind Hacks patch adds Psi and Psychosurgery to the existing playtest kit material. http://eclipsephase.com/downloads/EPFate_Oct2015_MindHacksPlaytest.pdf Enjoy, and please let us know what you think!
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Awesome. I was planning on running a playtest in the near future. I'm glad to have Async rules before that. Just looking through it, I really like the rules for risking strain. I played around with something similar for a Shadowrun hack, but I think it's done better here. I also really like the example async consequences. It makes the asyncs feel a lot more alien than what was conveyed in EP Core. Phychosurgery is more or less what I expected. But I'd be tempted to use to default Fate time scale (several, few, one, one-half) instead of the listed time scales.