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Gee4orce Gee4orce's picture
Just curious how Muses are going to be handled ? I'd like to see them as a little FATE Core Extra - probably with 1 or two skills and an Aspect, but that's about it. I don't think they need to be any more complex than that.
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Yeah, I was thinking something very similar. I was thinking maybe a skill column of 3, so a single rank at 3, 2, and 1. I figured academics, infosec, and maybe a social skill, Notice, or generic Profession: Muse skill. They should probably be more of a role-playing opportunity and plot device then a mechanical bonus.
Ranxerox Ranxerox's picture
Three is really high and even
Three is really high and even 2 is pretty high. If you set the top of your skill pyramid at great then only your top skill beats a 3, and even it doesn't beat it by enough to make it worthwhile to get when your muse is almost as good. The logic is similar with 2s except if you are planning on making the skill your apex skill. I mean why invest one of your two precious goods when your muse can already do at fair? IMHO if you must give muses skill, you should leave them at average*. However, why even do that? Muses are a great way to give the players information, and for the players to ask the GM questions. Adding a skill roll to the equation just seems like a way to gum up the works - "I wanted to tell my players something about the statue that they saw but unfortunately their muse failed it's academic roll" or "that was a really smart question Janice asked, too bad her muse didn't come through for her on it." Just let muses know what you want them to know and don't mess with rolling dice over it. * - Muses that players have invested an aspect or an Extra in, obviously can be smarter and more capable than average muses.
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Ranxerox, in my experience if
Ranxerox, in my experience if you have to roll dice to be able to give some information to the players you are running a really different Fate game than the creators of the game intended.
"Fate Core" wrote:
You roll the dice when there’s some kind of interesting opposition keep- ing you from achieving your goals. If there’s no interesting opposition, you just accomplish whatever you say you’re trying to do.
That said, I do agree on the point that average Muse should not have relevant skills. Just an aspect like [Info muse] or [Security muse]. That way it would give you a significant bonus to rolls if you'd use a fate chip, but it would be as simple as that. Most of the time the aspect related functions of the Muse should be automatic. Invested muses are a whole different ball game and should be as strong as any ally, if the player wished to invest in it enough.
Each game stands or falls with its players.
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I'd want to see some skills
I'd want to see some skills for a Muse so that it defines what special knowledge that Muse has. You'll notice that the Eclipse Phase Muse has a full set of stats, as well as room for skills. I'd want to keep *some* of that, especially if I'd invested some extra character points to get a more capable Muse. I take the point about not wanting to roll just to see if your muse can tell you something. Nobody said you had to do that - nobody is going to come to your gaming table and make you roll :D But if it's necessary to see how well a muse did something I'd want to have a numerical figure to base that on. Otherwise we're just playing make-believe and we might as well just throw away the rulebook. If the GM needs to use the muse as a vehicle to give the character some information, just do it. Skill ratings come into play when the character wants the muse to do something for them - muses can't just be get out of jail free cards. They need their own skill pyramid for use in these circumstances. Question: Can a Muse use FATE points ?
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Why complicate matters?
Unless there's something really special about the Muse, I don't really see the point in adressing it as a separate entity in the rules. Everyone's got one, so it'd be much like adding Aspects for just owning a mobile phone. IMHO. NOT having a Muse would perhaps be worth mentioning as part of some Luddite type Aspect though!
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Does your mobile phone do psychotherapy?
Seriously. For PCs, one of the core functions of a Muse is to keep them on an even mental keel in the face of sanity-shredding experiences like waking up to the memory of their own death. If you want interaction with your muse to try to reduce the amount of mental stress you take from that sort of thing, it's reasonable and well within their intended function, but likely not a conversation you want to spend time on at the gaming table. So it's a perfect candidate to abstract away with a dice roll.
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Isn't it mentioned in the rulebook somewhere that some people get AGI to act as their muse? How would that change things?
Zarpaulus Zarpaulus's picture
There's also some people who
There's also some people who use their own Beta Forks as Muses. That might be complicated to balance.