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Need some ideas for your proxies?

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Need some ideas for your proxies?
Handle: Niko Real Name: Megan Everett Identity: Female Age: Unknown, some time in the 1980s Appearance: Neotenic caucasian female with long, messy red hair, sleeve tattoos, and modest facial piercings. Current attire includes sandals, shorts and a baggy tank top. Personality: Light hearted, and not as serious as she should be. Known to give occasional sass to sentinels under her guidance. Location: Venus Other Notes: Video game enthusiast and socialite streamer. Good at social engineering. Many sentinels on Venus know her face before ever meeting her as a proxy. Niko is famous for "putting the screws" to her sentinels. However, she would not put them into any situation she would be unwilling to undertake herself. In an attempt to try and soften the Drill Sargent image, she regularly meets with whole cells in person, even offering to take them out for a mission accomplished. Handle: Tachanka Real Name: Alexsandr Senaviev Identity: Male Age: 36 Appearance: An extensively modified Savant outfitted with heavy duty combat armor. Combined with a green-brown paint job and a red hammer and sickle on the right pauldron, he looks like a throwback to the soviet union. Personality: Tachanka is highly reclusive and eccentric; almost never speaking to other Firewall agents in person and using a simple picture instead of an avatar in fear of someone reading his facial expressions. If one is able to break through his barriers though, they will find a man dedicated and loyal to those he holds close. Location: Unknown, isolated accommodations orbiting Titan. Other Notes: Tachanka is a native Russian born in what is now the Jovian Republic. He escaped the Republic some time after it's founding, and it is believed that the things he has seen is to blame for his anti-capitalist stance, as well as his fascination with the Soviet Union. Tachanka is a talented weapons engineer with a taste for the eccentric. He is known for giving prototypes to sentinels for field testing. Notable inventions include the metamaterial monofilament sword, the vibroblade assault rifle, the torque crossbow, and the telescoping halberd. Handle: Flitter Real Name: Mimi Null Identity: Nothing Age: 41 Appearance: A second hand reaper with weapon mounts removed. Chameleon pattern is typically set to project a variety of soft, bright colors and curves. Speaks in a high-pitched, but smooth, feminine voice. Personality: Flitter is kind and warmhearted like a grandmother, and occasionally timid. They strongly believe in peace and is even hesitant to act in combat situations. Part of this may be chalked up to trauma received before or during the Fall. Location: The Scum Swarm Other Notes: Little is known about Flitter, other than that they were born female on Mars before the Fall. Their native language is Korean and their real name is made up. Flitter is referred to as the "Swarms Grandma" due to their gentle nature and pioneering of zero g baking. Their baked goods are made with ingredients collected from their own personal hydroponics facility. Like any true scum, these treats are usually infused with recreational substances, all of which are naturally grown. One curious note about Flitter is that, despite their wide acceptance by the Swarm and being constantly referred to as female, they have a rather conservative stance on gender identity; believing that gender is about physical sex. By this extension, "she" does not knowledge that label as long as they are sleeved into a reaper, though they don't mind others referring to them as such. Handle: Faust Real Name: Hayato Hino Identity: Male Age: 25 Appearance: Despite being born and identifying as male, Faust is sleeved inside of a female Martian Alpiner, asian with freckles and red hair. Faust prefers to dress in cowboy throwback fashion, no doubt due to his day job. Personality: Faust is a fine example of a leader in the sense that he defaults to blaming himself instead of the sentinels under his guidance, effectively causing them to go the extra mile for a proxy so dedicated. Faust tries to put on a laid-back and humorist attitude for everyone in his life, but cracks can be glimpsed, where he exposes just how overwhelmed he is with his responsibilities. Location: Mars Other Notes: Faust is one of the youngest Firewall proxies this side of the Main Belt, showing excellent combat skills and competence of a leader. The name Faust is a reference to his decision to sell his original morph illegally before the age of majority to help pay off his indentured parents contract. When even this proved to be marginally helpful, he faked his age to enlist with the Martian Rangers. This is where he got is current morph. Faust is notable for still blaming himself entirely for a devastating encounter with Project Ozma, regardless of how involved he was. This, combined with the stresses of a full time job and responsibilities of a proxy has caused concerns that he is unfit for the duty at the current time. However, it is advised against reducing his workload, as doing so may aggravate his inferiority complex, self-hatred, and could possibly lead to depression.
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Figure I'll toss in the one I
Figure I'll toss in the one I'm using in my game: [b]Handle[/b]: Ratatoskr [b]Real Name[/b]: Unknown [b]Identity[/b]: Male [b]Age[/b]: Unknown [b]Appearance[/b]: Their mesh avatar is of their namesake, the green horned squirrel of norse mythology. [b]Personality[/b]: Presents themselves as completely innocent, like a cartoon character. Will cheerfully express any mature topics relevant to the mission (Visiting a strip club, interrogating someone for information, etc.) with the same boundless innocent zeal, causing unnerving dissonance. [b]Location[/b]: Mars [b]Other Notes[/b]: Ratatoskr was originally a Firewall asset, and then Firewall sentinel. When he was promoted to proxy, only a fork of him was promoted while his original self continued Firewall duties. He never makes public appearances, instead using the mesh to contact people. If a public appearance is needed, he speaks through an intermediary that knows only what's required. He's purposely elusive, and the only publicly known information is that he resides on Mars, as that's the only theater where there's no delay in communications.
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Am I doing this right?
[b]Handle[/b]: AquaMarine [b]Real Name[/b]: Smart Tass (unknown) [b]Identity[/b]: Female [b]Age[/b]: Unknown, born some time in the 2020s [b]Appearance[/b]: On simulspaces that allow it, her simulmorph avatar appears as a neutered neotenic made entirely of a viscous, blue-tinted, transparent liquid. She typically wears a customized yellow raincoat, yellow rubber boots, and glasses. Allegedly, she wears the glasses to ease eye contact as her “eyes” are otherwise camouflaged with her face. [b]Personality[/b]: She is light hearted and seemingly carefree. She habitually makes passive aggressive derogatory remarks towards people, hence her nickname, but she immediately apologizes. The sincerity of the apologies have been unconfirmed. [b]Location[/b]: Mars [b]Other Notes[/b]: She is a social engineer and professional thief. She seems to exclusively steal from Martian orphanages and a local female only school. According to her, this is because orphans are “contemptible” and she was sexually assaulted by schoolgirls during her childhood in her original male morph. Her method of operation involves using impersonation to have a large group of people perform trivial tasks that, when combined, leave momentary assets vulnerable. She seems to enjoy making water related puns, including: [list] [*]Warning sentinels about the dangers of [i]drowning[/i] their sorrows in alcohol [*]Warning sentinels about a [i]wave[/i] of hostiles [*]Telling sentinels to read the [i]flow[/i] of the [i]current[/i] situation, even when this advice is unnecessary [*]Criticizing a sentinel's [i]glass half empty[/i] attitude [*]Criticizing the same sentinel for being a [i]wet[/i] blanket [*]Her claim to be [i]swimming[/i] in credits [*]Describing how a set of positive events have caused her to become [i]wet[/i] [/list]
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