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New campaign, coming back to EP after years long break.

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New campaign, coming back to EP after years long break.
Hey all, Looks like we're still alive here. For which I am very thankful. I'm starting a new game, as GM, and will be running kind of two games in a sense. Which I feel I am prepared for as a seasoned GM across many games. However, this will be my first time running a game where one of the players is also a macro administrator; see Proxie. Also, I'm running the game as if Project OZMA is Firewalls upper echelon black ops, basically Oversight. I'd love some advice on how to conduct this because I'd like to develop a mini game for Proxie as well as develop the game for the rest of the players. Keep in mind, the Proxie will be gunning missions along side his team. Thank you for everything, It feels good to know this game is still kicking.
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Welcome back. Eclipse Phase
Welcome back. Eclipse Phase has had its ups and downs the over the years, but is still going strong. As for advice, err... nothing comes to mind at the moment. Are all the players aware of whats going on? Aware that one or PCs might be playing for another team? The other players might get suspicious if the undercover player is often handing you pieces of paper containing secret messages and stuff. Maybe you should avoid secret messages to the GM and assume that the player is frequently sending OZMA reports of what the group is doing. Maybe even leaving the job to the muse so the player is somewhat unaware of what is being reported, or doesn't forget to keep OZMA in the loop. Another possibility is steal a page from a RPG called Paranoia, where all the players are members of different secret societies, are traitors to friend Computer, and have reasons to kill each other, while pretending to be teammates.
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My GM has a system for side
My GM has a system for side-jobs. Rolls a random reputation request/favour depending on or reputation and per network. We get a boost of reputation or favour refresh if we succeed. Sometimes it is a whole session sometimes, it is only one roll. You could adapt this for a proxy. Get a quest generator and present the proxy with assets at their disposal. They then in a few sentences describe how they use these assets to combat a threat/solve a problem. Roll necessary. Narrate effects. Done. Maybe the proxy and players have to step in. Maybe not. There is one big BUT. It will give one player more spotlight time. And more to do. I don't know how to include this in that mechanics. Maybe let them play an entire server? Everyone is a Proxie but they have assets PCs that they can mix and match. They can recruit more characters. It is their progression system. At the beginning they only can recruit some X- threat survivors but as their server grows their influence increases and they gain new avenues of recruitment. Better training, more moneys things like that. Wow now I wanna run a game like that.
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