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New Morphs - Draft 1 - Playtest Q. Responses Only

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New Morphs - Draft 1 - Playtest Q. Responses Only
Download New Morphs - Draft 1 This is a rough first draft of the new morphs for [i]Transhuman.[/i] Please post your answers to the following questions in this playtest thread: [b]Q. 1 – How did you review the material in this draft?[/b] Did you try them out in actual play with your group? For how many sessions? Using what kind of PCs? Did you crunch some numbers in a marathon character generation session? Or simply read through them with a critical eye? [b]Q. 2 –What's the most critical problem you've identified in these rules? [/b] Is there an endemic problem you think is underlying this rules set? Is this material too complicated for your liking? Is there a specific rules item you think is egregiously broken and needs to be fixed? Is there anything that you simply think *must* be changed? [b]Q. 3 – What's the best part of these rules? [/b] Is there anything that you absolutely loved? Something that you sincerely think *must* make it into the final version? Anything that really contributes to the game in a positive way? Something that shouldn't be changed? [b]Q. 4 – What morphs from this list do you hate the most? (Choose 3 maximum) [/b] Are there any that are so overpowered, so silly, so unnecessary, that you'd rather see them cut? It's a possibility that we will cut some of these. [b]Q. 5 – What morphs from this list excite you the most? (Choose 3 maximum)[/b] Which morphs can you not wait to play, do you think are absolutely necessary, and/or are just so freakin' cool we should make sure to keep them? [b]Q. 6 – Are any of the morphs too gear-heavy? [/b] As a general rule, we try to design morphs with only the basic implants/enhancements/traits to make them work. They are designed to be stock models that players can then add to, with additional implants, etc, to customize as they need (and also to keep costs down). There are a few exceptions, such as specialist morphs that come "pre-loaded." Do any of the morphs in this list have add-ons that you think could be trimmed down? [b]Q. 7 -- Any outrageous costs? [/b] The CP costs of these morphs are based on the morph creation system we are also playtesting. Are there any CP or Credit costs listed that made you tilt your head or say "WTF?" because they seemed so off? [b]Q. 8 -- Anything missing? [/b] Are there any morphs you were hoping to see but didn't? Any open niches that need filling? Any morph ideas you've had in your own games that you'd like to see an official version of? Make your requests!
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Question 1: Review Method
[b]Question 1: Review Method[/b] Critical eye. [b]Question 2: Most Critical Problem[/b] A lot of morphs listed would be better handled on the meta-level as simple morph variants with minor changes or aftermarket modifications, or otherwise intrude on the territory of other morphs, creating an issue of redundancy. For example, the Bruiser intrudes heavily on the territory of the Olympian, being a rather generic SOM and REF-boosting morph, just like the Olympian. (Under the assumption that the +15 is [i]after[/i] bonus from Hardened Skeleton, everything about it except the Intimidation-bonus can be replicated through normal Traits and gear for almost the exact same price, with a neat +5 bonus to COO anyway.) Likewise, the way the Griefer is described, aftermarket modifications seem like the most logical choice for how it came into existence in the first place. (Although, to be fair, I like the concept, and I like that the concept is statted up and ready for use.) The Guard is, as written, almost identical to a Masked Steel with 5 extra CP invested in combat and sensory gear. Having this be an after-market modification, like armouring a car, seems to me to be more sensible (and more flexible, for players) than having guards come from a standardized mold; if they're meant to be inconspicuous and disguised as humans, having them be redesigned Steels seems like it would be more realistic. Though, again, I think the Guard-as-written is a good [i]example[/i] of how disguised robot bodyguards are equipped. More pressing an issue is the Infiltrator, which is just a more expensive version of the already existing Shaper. The Shaper fit the niche of being the stealthy, infiltration-type body, grown in a vat for that purpose rather well, and as such, I just don't think, on the meta-level, that there needs to exist another morph that fills that same niche. In the core book, the Olympian and Fury were significantly different both in terms of mechanics and fluff that they could easily exist separately from each other (one being a general athletics thing at a cost of 40, the other being a specialized combat thing at a cost of 75) - here, however, both the Shaper and the Infiltrator have the very narrow purpose of "disguise-y infiltrating morph", and the [i]raison d'être[/i] of the Infiltrator is that advanced sensors won't reveal that it's a pod - which seems like it's something that should be covered simply with the Implant Masking mod on the Shaper's cyberbrain. A good example of how morphs with similar purposes can complement each other, rather than fill the exact same niche, is with how the Liquid Steel from [i]Sunward[/i] and the Mimic from this document work together with the Shaper to form a trifecta of options; the Liquid Steel can disguise as any synthmorph, the Mimic can disguise as smaller robots or household items, and the Shaper can disguise as any humanoid biomorph. Adding the Infiltrator means that there are now two morphs covering the exact same role. Overall, I guess what I feel would be best if is the new morphs provide [i]good foundations[/i] for more general morphs to be built upon. While "human infiltrator morph" is already a filled niche, "uplifted ape infiltrator", "uplifted pig infiltrator", "uplifted avian infiltrator", etc., is an empty niche. [b]Question 3: Best Parts[/b] I like Brain Box. It means I can make [i]Ghost in the Shell[/i]-style full-conversion cyborgs. Other than that, I am a tweaker and arrogant by nature; there are very few things I'd leave perfectly alone. However, I'd like for the Nomad, Freeman, Mimic and Portable Server to remain concept-wise, in the rules. [b]Question 4: Morphs I Dislike[/b] [u]-1: Specialist Pod[/u] Mechanically, I'm disinclined towards this morph. Although I see the design-intent, which is that by selecting a pod, you can get the precious +10 bonuses to whatever you want at the cost of Social Stigma (Pod) and generally less +5 bonuses to make for a well-rounded character, the fact that it offers +10 to [i]two[/i] skills means that it intrudes heavily on the niches of other morphs, especially the Reaper, Hyperbright, and Remade. These are morphs that are very, very special precisely because they can offer so high stat bonuses, and are accordingly among the more expensive morphs in the setting, often with [i]significant[/i] drawbacks. (Being a huge murder-death-sphere-robot not welcome at parties, creeping people out by your mere appearance, a built-in addiction and hyperactive metabolism, etc.) This is something simply being a Pod Biomorph and a cost of 25 doesn't really cover. I feel that either the cost and downsides of this morph should be significantly increased (minimum CP cost of 70, to put it equal to the other double +10's. Mechanically, the downsides are fine, though they should perhaps be elaborated upon fluff-wise.), or it should get +10 only one skill (and +5 to two other skills). [u]-2: Smart Swarm[/u] This is in many ways a Smarmoid but without the downsides of being a Swarmoid; that you can't act physically. This morph in many ways makes the existing Swarmoid obsolete, which is an undesirable state. [u]-3: Samsa[/u] All I can say here is that this morph is the silliest morph I've had described. I [i]liked[/i] the Suryas, and this just guts the gravitas of what it's supposed to represent. It's a combat morph that looks like a giant bug-eyed monster out of a 1950's B-movie! I'm now imagining [i]Far Side[/i] style human-sized insects coming home from a hard day of work, throwing their hats upon the dumbwaiter. It's all too silly! [b]Question 5: Morphs I Like[/b] [u]1: Portable Server[/u] This is a morph I [i]love[/i] the concept of. It fills a niche that isn't filled by an already existing morph (anything related to infomorphs) and facilitates that niche very well. It provides a physical store for infomorphs as well as being a hub for bot operations. Additionally, it's the kind of of morph that makes my fingers itch because I can't wait to stick an extra 10 Ghostrider Modules on it and use it as an actual server farm for AIs and delta-forks. [u]2: Freeman[/u] This is a morph that both fills an empty niche as well as providing ample opportunities for plot hooks or roleplaying opportunities, and it represents a facet of the setting that is interesting to explore. [u]3: Nomad[/u] This fills a niche that hasn't been covered yet; desert survival. I like this. It is a good thing, both for Gatecrashing and for the Martian outbacks. It doesn't intrude upon anything existing morphs. [b]Question 6: Gear-Overweight[/b] In order to maintain flexibility, all of the synthmorphs that have Hand Laser could be trimmed down to have Weapon Mount (Concealed), in order to let the whoever owns the morph decide what kind of weapon its armed with. The Infiltrator has built-in Nanotoxins, which seems odd given that this morph is supposedly favoured even by journalists or people who infiltrate without intending to kill. Removing it and letting would-be assassins buy it seems a better option, especially given that it's rather expensive. It also has a build-in Life Recorder, which seems at odds with its purpose as an infiltrator when [i]not[/i] used as a journalist. [b]Question 7: Outrageous Costs[/b] After a cursory look, only the Specialist Pod seems off, and that's not because of its point-value, but rather how it compares to morphs that do similar things. [b]Question 8: Missing Morphs[/b] Uplifted pachyderms! And their woolly ressurected mammoth cousins! And neotenic, less resource-intensive versions of both. More avian morphs. While there's a plethora of simian and cetacean morphs, and octopodes have synthmorph and pod alternatives there are very few morphs available to uplifted birds. A post in the homebrew section some time ago noted the fact that there's no 40 CP morph that offers +10 to INT. A linguist or detective-type morph in the 40 CP range to cover this lack would be neat; it's an existing niche with no morph to fill it, so a morph would fit in excellently.
@-rep +2 C-rep +1
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Q. 1 – How did you review the
Q. 1 – How did you review the material in this draft? The critical eye. Q. 2 –What’s the most critical problem you’ve identified in these rules? The rules aren't clear on the part of how many knock-off morphs are out there, how often knock-off morphs are found, and where you might expect to find them. It would be nice to get a mention that you might expect to see plenty on a scum barge, but few on a well managed hypercorp habitat. You may want to adjust the brain box augmentation. If I recall correctly, limited AIs can be sleeved in synthmorphs, but not biomorphs. This augmentation seems to blurring that line (along with cyberbrains in biomorphs), so I would like some clarification in regards to whether or not limited AIs can be sleeved in a synthmorph with a brain case. Q. 3 – What’s the best part of these rules? I like the brain case. I've been thinking about such an augmentation for a while now. The flaw where the cyberbrain can be hacked is particular annoyance. Q. 4 – What morphs from this list do you hate the most? (Choose 3 maximum) None. I do not strongly dislike any of them. Q. 5 – What morphs from this list excite you the most? (Choose 3 maximum) 1. Portable Server - It fills a niche that I've been trying to fill using various tricks. I've had important infomorph characters running in the basic mesh inserts and ghost rider modules of synthmorphs (and maybe they also carry a few spare ectos). These characters have their muse or AI be sleeved in the synthmorph and have them handle motor control. When their AIs is doing that, they handle important infomorph business. If there is the sudden need for the character to take control over the morph, then the infomorph character simply use the puppet socks (or switch who resides in the cyberbrain if they have more time). 2. Mimic - I like the concept of the mimic in many fantasy RPGs, though I try to stay away from using in the form of treasure chests (I think its an over used trope). This version of the mimic is something that I would like to be able to play with. 3. Specialist Pod - A while back, I noticed that podmorphs like the worker pod or pleasure pod appeared to be cheaper version of exalts and their more specialized variants. They were also better than splicers yet similar in price. I found that interesting. Despite appearing to be the better choice (over splicers and exalts) as a means to provide replacement morphs to most of transhumanity, so many people associate so much negative stigma towards them that they try hard to avoid needing to sleeve into them. Now this new podmorph offers better specialization and flexibility. This makes me really want to root for podmorph progress. Q. 6 – Are any of the morphs too gear-heavy? I haven't been looking too closely at that stuff. Maybe I'll look at it later. I'm usually more interested in base stats like aptitudes maximums, aptitude bonuses, and durability. It usually difficult to adjust or improve such stats. It is much easier to add new augmentations. Q. 7 – Any outrageous costs? I'll make a point to check that out later. Q. 8 – Anything missing? I'll give it some thought.
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Q. 1 –Gave it a read and
Q. 1 –Gave it a read and compared it to other released materials. Q. 2 –A lot of the Morphs aren't well differentiated from previous morphs from other books. Maybe elaborate and tinker with the morphs to make them more unique? Q. 3 – Normal non-exotic Pods like the Specialist Pod, Battle Pod and surprisingly the Ayah (I like to call it the 'Battle Nanny'. ^.^) and so on really make Pods more attractive and fill in a proper and oft neglected niche. I mean in the core book we only have Pleasure and Worker Pods. Biomorphs and Synthmorphs get a lot of attention and bonuses when compared to a Pod. Q. 4 – Samsa are kinda irksome. (Gribbly Space Bugs. >.< I could think of better combat morphs that run from the Canine to the Cold Blooded Reptile.) Ariels are a bit too niche for my tastes. Daityas seem a bit useless....Okay you made a giant that costs 60,000 credits....But if it gets into gravity higher then mars it dies....And it's only as strong as an Exalt despite it's size. Q. 5 – Everything really. Bastets are interesting and I like the Egyptian feel and the The Theseus is a fascinating morph though not very well differentiated. Portable Servers are neat. Q. 6 – Nothing really. Q. 7 -- The Specialist Pod for the most part. But only because when compared to other morphs it's a bit lacking. Give it a boost. Q. 8 -- I'd LOVE to see some Canine Morphs. You have the Bastet which is a neat Morph. But what about the Dog Boys? Throw some Germanic/Celtic influences in there. I mean, the Faoladh would be something to base it off of. Maybe a Canine that operates as a Smart Canine Handler? Play on a Canines pack mentality or something?
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Q. 1 – How did you review the
Q. 1 – How did you review the material in this draft? Spent three days going through it over and over again. Q. 2 –What's the most critical problem you've identified in these rules? Nothing that stands out to me, though I feel like there is almost no way to play a Daitya. Q. 3 – What's the best part of these rules? TITAN Busters definitely need to stay in. The brain box is a neat piece of gear, and I love a few of these morphs. Q. 4 – What morphs from this list do you hate the most? (Choose 3 maximum) Daitya seems useless. Smart Swarm needs to be removed; it's overpowered. Heavy Constructors don't make much sense being included, in my eyes. Q. 5 – What morphs from this list excite you the most? (Choose 3 maximum) Grey morph is my new favorite. I'm gonna have to advocate for the Samsa as being great; I grew up with a lot of Dark Sun, and so the idea of a mantis man is fine with me. Bastet pods are unique and I really like them. Plus, it's an interesting pod; that never happens! Q. 6 – Are any of the morphs too gear-heavy? Thark and Cloud Skimmer are full of stuff. It's just too much. Q. 7 -- Any outrageous costs? Bastet pods seem a tiny bit overcosted to me, as does the Bruiser. I'm not too good with EP's underlying math, so this is largely eyeballing things. Q. 8 -- Anything missing? I'd love to see more Uplift options; birds don't have much to work with. I'd also like to see some more unique synthmorphs. There should also be a new 40 CP 'specialist' biomorph (like the Olympian/Sylph/Menton) for INT, like the Sherlock morph built on these forums.
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I'm skipping questions where
I'm skipping questions where I don't think my answer would add anything. Q. 1 – How did you review the material in this draft? Read with a critical eye. Q. 2 –What’s the most critical problem you’ve identified in these rules? I can't see how a Smart Swarm can work. If we assume that each microbot is a 1cm cube (much bigger than what page 328 of the core book says), that these lock together in single file, and that the 1.5m solid form is half legs and half torso/head then that requires 2250 microbots which is more than the Extreme Morphology section said are in a standard morph and we've not even got arms or joints yet. I'm not sure how a normal Swarmanoid can meld into a child sized shape either but assumed the microbots were flying in formation and could be seen as a hazy shape. Edit: Oops, I was off by a factor of 10. 2000 microbots which are each 1cm would be 20m long not 2. Those were very large microbots though which should probably be called centibots, and I think it'll need more than just a single column to make a limb so I'm still finding this hard to believe. Perhaps if SOM was reduced. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm uncomfortable with with concept of a morph which has all the advantages (and more) of the swarmanoid without the disadvantage which made so much different to the others.
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Ok, first time posting to any
Ok, first time posting to any forum so bear with me! Q1: Read over multiple times Q2: Not much that I can tell, perhaps too many small niche morphs also all the new cyberware comes from the Freeman morph. Q3: I was rather excited to see several ideas for morphs I had been working on come up , means I'm thinking in the right direction! Q4: The centaur, daitya and umibozu just do nothing for me. Q5: tough to narrow this down to three..but portable server, biocore, and cloud skimmer are good Q6: none that i could tell Q7: seemed acceptable Q8: Oh boy, here goes..these are just ideas I haven't worked with numbers yet: XPR pod : a pod morph fitted with highly enhanced senses used for recording experiences at high resolution the cyberbrain allows more room for sensory cortexes without cognitive impairment or overstimulation Jovian Space Force morph: essentially a splicer with radiation hardening easily distinguished by dark tan the process induces (the picture I had in mind was Lieutenant Kitsurubami of FLCL) Swift synthmorph: a light weight synth with boosted speed stat Abyssal biomorph : an Aquanaut designed to live in the high pressure depths Neptunian Albatross: avian designed to fly the open skies of Neptune
Current Status: Highly Distracted building Gatecrashing systems in Universe Sandbox!
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Q. 1 – How did you review the
Q. 1 – How did you review the material in this draft? I read through them, and I'm trying to get a Play-by-Post game started at questionablequesting.com Q. 2 –What's the most critical problem you've identified in these rules? That it look like the Infiltrator might be plagiarised from the Siren infiltrator pod created by the players of the game [url=http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/ep-reality-rift-castaways-2-baby-... Phase: Reality Rift Castaways[/url]. Q. 3 – What's the best part of these rules? Q. 4 – What morphs from this list do you hate the most? (Choose 3 maximum) 1. The Thark, for two reasons. First, it stole the name from the much-more-deserving Synthtaur morph, which is actually capable of emulating the ability to switch between centauroid/four-armed humanoid modes like the Tharks from the John Carter novels. Secondly, nanoscopic vision is a synthmorph-only mod for a reason; to use it, you'd need to be able to remain absolutely still. Even the small motions caused by a biomorph's breathing or heartbeat would likely send the camera jostling all over the place, let alone the lack of precision in the movements of their joints. If you really want to do this, I'd recommend giving it either an internal gas tank or respirocytes, along with a cybernetic pump replacing the heart and some sort of cybernetic joint-locking system. 2. The Fighting Kite, which probably deserves a better name and description. It's basically a militarised version of the Kite, and should probably be described as such. I'd also say to pull out the hand laser, and give it some proper Weapon Mounts. 3. The Daitya. While I actually quite liked idea of the morph itself (it reminded me of the Titanian Wrestler bioroids from Transhuman Space), the fact of the matter is that its rules don't work; it makes a SOMx3 test to avoid the damage from Low Gravity Adaptation, which means that it automatically succeeds if it has SOM 35 or 40; since it has +10 SOM and two implants that grant a further +10 SOM, an average transhuman sleeved into one will automatically succeed on the rolls. Q. 5 – What morphs from this list excite you the most? (Choose 3 maximum) The Samsa, because Thri-Kreen, fuck yeah. The Sphere, because it's the sort of quirkiness that shows how different the world of Eclipse Phase really is. Q. 6 – Are any of the morphs too gear-heavy? I'm not sure why the Guard Deluxe even exists; it's pretty much a straight upgrade of the Guard, with a bit of extra gear and a few extra Aptitude bonuses. Q. 7 -- Any outrageous costs? I don't have the mechanical chops to really say anything about this for sure. Q. 8 -- Anything missing? Give the Synthtaur (which should really be renamed to be the Thark) a Synthetic Coating option that makes it look like an actual Thark from the Barsoom novels. ;) Also, you should probably note whether or not the Umibozu and Centaur morphs come from Fortean; it seems like the sort of thing that they'd make.

+1 r-Rep , +1 @-rep

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AdamJury wrote:Q. 1 – How did
AdamJury wrote:
[b]Q. 1 – How did you review the material in this draft?[/b]
Critical reading.
[b]Q. 2 –What's the most critical problem you've identified in these rules? [/b]
Imho the morphs are an exercise in extreme morphing and don't add to a game as much as they could. a) Some are just improved variants of the existing morphs (e.g. fighting kite, smart swarm) and just eliminate a few disadvantages or add some extra benefits. This could be done by adding new traits or augmentations. And sometimes, the new bonuses are just off the scale (e.g. grey or heavy constructor). b) A lot of the others are models for niche purposes (e.g. infiltrator, flyer) and there are always several morphs per niche (e.g. griefer, infiltrator, mimic for infiltration; swift wing, fighting kite, flying squid, pixie for flying morphs; bruiser, daitya, heavy contructor for JUST BIG morphs). Quiet often it would help to have a longer discription, sometimes describing the looks, sometimes explaining the purpose.
[b]Q. 3 – What's the best part of these rules? [/b]
The knock-offs and variants are a brilliant idea as are some of the morphs.
[b]Q. 4 – What morphs from this list do you hate the most? (Choose 3 maximum) [/b]
1) Samisa - while I really like insects, the description is very weak. It just doesn't sound cool enough, so it's only another one of the big morphs. 2) Umibozu - what's the purpose? In open water the Orca would be better and in enclosed spaces it's to large. It would look cool, but that's about it. 3) Grey - Probably helpful if you want to play American Dad, but otherwise? And the stats are a bit too much.
[b]Q. 5 – What morphs from this list excite you the most? (Choose 3 maximum)[/b]
1) Specialist Pod A logical morph and nicely done. Not too powerful, but makes pods attractive. 2) Heavy Constructor Definitely an important morph type. The description is a bit too short and the aptitude limits might be a bit high.
[b]Q. 6 – Are any of the morphs too gear-heavy? [/b]
The attack ball is supposed to be a cheap version of the reaper but it has more augmentations than the "original". And the infiltrator is too high-powered, because it doesn't focus on one type of infiltration, but is basically the ultimate 007 morph.
[b]Q. 7 -- Any outrageous costs? [/b]
Not really.
[b]Q. 8 -- Anything missing? [/b]
Not really.
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Brain Box
Q. 2 –What’s the most critical problem you’ve identified in these rules? A bit more information about the Brain Box would be helpful, specifically: can it be fitted with a cyberbrain? The description of Pods says that they have undeveloped brains augmented with cybernetics, and I assume that fitting a cyberbrain to a biomorph results in something similar, so I'm wondering if it is possible to have a Brain Box with part of a biological brain and with a cyberbrain too. It may seem like a perverse idea but could be useful to an async who uses lots of forks so finds the limitations of being in a pod was worth it for the advantages of a cyberbrain. Mostly though I like to imagine an arachnoid with a transparent Brain Box that shows a mixture biological- and cyber-brain. Q. 8 – Anything missing? Perhaps a Biolimb and Biolimb Plus? Sort of like Cyberlimbs for characters who have a strange form of bioconservatism, though mostly so the scum have another way to squick the real bioconservatives. Fitting them to a synthmorph would probably require something to process blood etc. My inner munchkin can't think of a reason to use these, other than a Biolimb Plus could allow extra limbs but that doesn't offer any advantage over what can already be done with a Cyberlimb Plus.
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Its been a while, but I
Its been a while, but I wanted to do a follow up to address 2 issues I've been thinking about Q. 2 –What's the most critical problem you've identified in these rules? The "Right at Home" Trait - This trait allows the ego to be able to resleeve into a single type of morph (like a splicer or mention) without the need for tests for alienation or integration, nor do they suffer penalties or mental stress for doing so. The problem is that more and more morphs have been made available. When you do so, it becomes less likely for the morph that an ego is best with will be available. Do you optimize for a morph you think will be commonly available (but might not be), or do you optimize for a powerful morph you might not find outside just the 1 habitat? Also does this trait apply to morph variants or are morph variants considered different morphs"? Overall, I think that this trait should be rethought and consider redesigning this trait with the idea in mind that there is a lot more morphs than a few dozen that were in the core rule book. Q. 8 -- Anything missing? I was rereading part of the core rulebook and it said something about that the more recent morph by the Ultimates looks more human that previous generations. This line from p. 41 (near the bottom right) says:
Even the ultimates’ current version of their remade morph is considerably more human looking than the versions their predecessors designed before the Fall.
I'm kinda wondering what the earlier versions of the Remade would look like or what other morphs the Ultimates made would be?
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Q. 8 -- Anything missing?
Q. 8 -- Anything missing? Are there any morphs you were hoping to see but didn't? Any open niches that need filling? Any morph ideas you've had in your own games that you'd like to see an official version of? Make your requests! Child sized steel morphs. For those that prefer neotenics but don't like flesh.
The new [url=https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rdf4bhjex789vk6/AACCUSsAHqD6u-9sUmM-CGT4a?dl=... edition of my digitally saveable extended character sheet!
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Q8 like atamajakki said it's seems to me that uplift are a little forget Gorilla Synth could be cool, I mean it will be a perfect 0G-LowG combat morph The BioCore Synth/Bio Morph should be only an option on synth morph so an OctoSynth (I forget the name) could be a Synth Morph with the upgrade BioCore I see the point in the bastet Pod but if a hypercorp made a Bastet it will probalbly make an egyptian line of morph : Seth, Horus, etc. It can be all the same base Morph but with little upgrades like more eye/vison related sensor for the Horus Morph I love the limited Edition Morph Idea, I wonder why I didn't think of it sooner ... but Hey ! you are there for that I guess, keep the good works and Thanks

What do you mean a butterfly cause this ? How a butterfly can cause an enviromental system overload on the other side of a 10 000 egos habitat ?

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Hmmmm !
Hmmmm ! yesterday i was thinking about a new morph ans i reallized something keeping a brain alive is a harsh thing, I mean you will have to refuel a tank of nutrients or maybe you have a specialized cornucopia machine, but in that idea it's probably impossible to conceal so we have two choices 1- the biocore morph is a morph and not an option for morph. In this idea it will probably be impossible to conceal that you have a biocore 2- the biocore morph is an option and we forget the technological complication of it but we fail to follow the hard sci-fi idea of Eclipse Phase so any thoughts on that ?

What do you mean a butterfly cause this ? How a butterfly can cause an enviromental system overload on the other side of a 10 000 egos habitat ?