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No ape morph?

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No ape morph?
Am I missing where ape morphs are detailed? Or do they put the (who cares) scurrier and not the apes?
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I cut them because page count
I cut them because page count. I wanted to do a selection of morphs from various books rather than just recreating everything in EP Core. Aside from a Mobility (Prehensile Feet) trait and optional climbing & strength stunts, they're pretty much the same as a splicer. For a gorilla, you might also up the Durability and increase the refresh cost to 1. For some guidelines to follow when rolling your own, see this thread: http://eclipsephase.com/why-do-morphs-cost-refresh Hope that helps!
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I see, thank you for the link
I see, thank you for the link and your explanation. Unfortunately I can see the space limit was a heavy condition when you were writing the book. A few examples of acquiring morphs, buying stunts and trade refresh would have been welcome :)