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Open Playtest - READ ME FIRST

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Open Playtest - READ ME FIRST
Hello, welcome to the open playtest for our next book: Transhuman, a player's guide for Eclipse Phase. Transhuman covers a number of topics that are particularly useful for players. It includes two alternate character creation systems, a selection of new morphs and traits, advice and rules for playing unusual character egos (uplifts, AGIs, indentures) and morphs (swarmanoids, flexbots, infomorphs), and advice for handling various factors that affect player characters in the game, from madness to psychosurgery to reputation. The first drafts are in and we are working over the material now. We are also launching a kickstarter campaign soon to help us fund the print costs for the book. We want input from our players and fans on this process, and so we're turning this over to you with this open playtest. Over the next several weeks we'll be posting drafts up in this section of the forums. We have a limited amount of time to playtest before this book goes to print, so we'll be updating and posting new versions on a regular basis. We'd like you to take this material to your gaming group and give it test run. Or five test runs. Whatever it takes. If you have an ongoing campaign in which you can work the material, great! If you want to spin up a one-shot adventure just to see how some of these new rules play out, that also works! Alternatively, you can grab some beers and some friends and have a marathon character creation session, to see what you can get away with or what comes out broken. If you don't have time to use the material in actual game play but simply read through the drafts and send us feedback, that helps too, though obviously we'd prefer if you could try the material in action at the game table. In order to collate and assess the feedback in a way that is most helpful to us, we've set up a specific format for this playtest. Each time we post up a new or updated draft, we will start a new thread for that draft on the forums. This thread will list a set of specific questions that we want feedback on. These questions will ask you how you playtested the material and what you thought the best and worst parts of the draft were, and will also include some queries we have about the specific material in the draft. Please use this thread ONLY to respond to these specific questions. It is these questions that we are most interested in getting feedback on. If we see responses that diverge from the questions on hand, we will likely ignore them. If we update a draft and post a new version in a new thread before you have a chance to post your feedback, you should still post it in the old thread. At the same time we post up the draft and its specific question thread, we will also open up a thread that is for general comments, feedback, and discussion on that draft. This is where you should post anything else you have to say in regards to the specific material that wasn't covered in your answers to the questions. We will also review these threads for feedback, but depending on time constraints and the length of the responses, we may not get to everything. We will do our best to read everything. There are a few other things to keep in mind while reading and playtesting this material: We will be posting a lot of rough first drafts early on. This is material straight from the author. It has not gone through a development or editing pass yet, but it will. Do not be concerned if it seems rough around the edges—in fact, expect it to be. It will be polished and fixed up before it goes to print! At this point we are not interested in typos, bad grammar, or other basic editing corrections—unless it specifically affects a rule's interpretation. This material may get rewritten, and it will go through multiple editing passes by professional editors later in the process, so it's too much of a burden to keep track of all the minor editing corrections at this stage. Later on, as we near the final drafts, we may ask specifically for editing/proof corrections, but for now don't worry about them. That's it for now -- have at it!

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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I'm Excited
I've been doing some math in my head and I'm glad to see this approach. I'll be rallying the troupes.
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I love this idea. :)
I love this idea. :)
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Did someone say open playtest
Did someone say open playtest? Because it rouses me from my slumber.
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I've been longing for this moment! And to think, that I might finally get to know exactly where that pesky cortical stack is located on a swarmanoid.
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Gather round children, we
Gather round children, we have work to do. I wonder how many of the old guard will come back. Good to see you again Deci.
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Oh my gawd. *plotz*
Oh my gawd. *plotz*
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Count me in!
Happy to review and will definitely contribute to the Kickstarter!
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Yaaaay! Now I have an excuse
Yaaaay! Now I have an excuse to force my group to play Eclipse Phase again! And another Kickstarter to throw money at!
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I'm in
I can test it through skype as well, if anybody's interested lemme know by PM so we can exchange skype info if you're not already in contact with me there
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Hmm...I'll have to see if I
Hmm...I'll have to see if I can persuade my game group to do a character creation session and maybe run one of the pregenned adventures for them.
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Absolutely fantastic. My
Absolutely fantastic. My group is starting a brand new regular campaign next week and I think it would be great if we could experiment with some of the material in that. I'll pass the info around to all the players and GM, see what the thoughts and so on are.
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Morale runs high.
On the mission. Psyched over this book, and psyched about the possibility of participating to make this better.
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At the risk of being off
At the risk of being off topic, not listed in the sections for this book but something I've personally felt is missing is an actual day in the life of a 'normal' person in the eclipse phase universe. The setting is so different and removed from ours today that piecing the details together is difficult. That a normal day changes where you are and who you're with adds to the confusion. Thanks for the consideration, I look forward to the kickstarter and the always high quality work you guys gift us with!
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Super cool!
I love it. Will give feedback ASAP.
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Yet another reason to love you guys. I'm in.
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I absolutely LOVE this idea.
I absolutely LOVE this idea. I think it is a good way to get player feedback that might otherwise be missed. I'm introducing it to my current group; so hopefully I'll have some actual feedback to give soon enough!
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more than willing to help out
been a old hand at RPG's and EP has been one of the most interesting things I've seen in years. would love to help out
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Ok i am in, italian game master want help
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CodeBreaker wrote:Gather
CodeBreaker wrote:
Gather round children, we have work to do. I wonder how many of the old guard will come back. Good to see you again Deci.
Thanks CodeBreaker. Good to be back. Now let's break this new material.
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I'm in also.
I'm Excited at the open playtest!
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I can't find the kickstarter
Can somone link me to the kickstarter for this book? I can't find it.

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I doubt that the Kickstarter
I doubt that the Kickstarter is live yet.
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Yeah the Kickstarter is
Yeah the Kickstarter is coming quite soon, but it's not up just yet. We'll be posting it far and wide when it is :)

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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The Kickstarter is now live:

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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RobBoyle wrote:The
RobBoyle wrote:
The Kickstarter is now live: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/507486226/transhuman-the-eclipse-pha...
Good luck! Those low hanging fruit limited spots went fast!
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Take my money!
This is so sick! I WILL be contributing to the Kickstarter as soon as I get my paycheck this Friday! I'm looking forward to Transhuman, and can't wait!
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Playtest rather than kickstarter
Hi, my comment is not on the Kickstarter (I did contribute, of course!), but on the playtest. When I just revisited my posts, I had the impression they could be interpreted as slightly negative and I just wanted to point out that please don't. This opportunity is fantastic and I really like the new material you've produced. The reason I comment only on what I think con be improved is that I'm looking forward to read the rest in the hard-copy. Thanks for this opportunity and looking forward to the artwork.
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