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Picked up 1e six months ago:

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Picked up 1e six months ago:
About December last year I picked up EP and dropped three players into Ego Hunter. They're hooked. Needless to say, 2e is big discussion point for us right now so here's my take: Character creation was a bitch. Old news, but that's for affirmation of what everyone already expects. However, with the help of the forums and a handy spreadsheet my players are building fully functional characters. In all honesty, I would rather have had an awesome character generator than a new edition. That and 20 published adventures. A lot of what I see in this playtest isn't moving me to want to buy. Bulletpoints... It makes sense to use the Trans-human method for character generation. I dig. i just wish it didn't feel so copy paste, but i don't know how you fix that. I don't like that ALL these choices do is give SKILL POINTS. Why not give attributes, rep, gear, credit? It's not very dynamic. No more Coo? Whatever, but I liked that somebody had the balls to split Dexterity. Wisdom and Intelligence have forever split the mind (D&D referencing). I can tell you that my 250 lb brother in law may get a perfect score in a every skeet and trap game he shoots, but he's slow on ducking a punch and can't balance on a beam. (Just saying, how do you make fat people PCs) I think what kind of Uplift should matter if you choose an Uplift Background. We're saying Dolphins and Gorilla's "Perceive" the world at the same skill level? It makes the uplifts less interesting than they should be. After all, an actual Octopus EGO should operate much better in a Neo-Octopus than a Parrot and there's no skill sets separating these egos mechanically. Guns Skill?.... I dunno. I really like fighters having reasons why they are more awesome with certain weapons than Mr. Smart guy over there. Why leave Pilot a field skill for that matter, if your going to simplify guns? Why not go super simple and make "SCIENCE" a skill? In a game where YOU ARE YOUR SKILLS why would you want less skills? You can apply this to melee as well. No more Protocol? It was troublesome anyway, but i liked making excuses for it. But no Scrounging? My players LOVE that skill! And why isn't Survival just wrapped into a knowledge field skill where it belongs since there are only about a hundred unique environments in this game? I dig the bonus language skill mechanic. It makes sense, but too bad the "Heavy" PC doesn't get a bonus weapon skill for being all awesome with SOM and REF. And with less skills all round I almost wonder why we need are Attributes at all? Man I was hoping for better morph differences. With 20 cp to buy a morph it does get dicey now though, and i like that.
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To clarify that last point,
To clarify that last point, in the latest playest your morph is no longer bought with CP. We now have dedicated Morph Point pools that also cover our gear supply. Helps with the oddness of egocasting out of your first morph and players not being affected very equally by that. Also means a GM can give a lot or a little MP depending on the staton. Will be interesting to try it out in play.
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I personally thought REX
I personally thought REX should be named COO. As for guns. It doesn't matter what you're shooting because all ranged weapons follow the same basic principal (You point at something and they die). Piloting is vastly more complex.