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Player Advice - For Proofing

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Player Advice - For Proofing
Here's the text proof for the misc. rules sections of the Player Advice chapter. This includes: http://eclipsephase.com/downloads/transhumanplaytest_PlayingCharsRulesOn... * Random Derangements * AGI and Infomorph Rules * New Sleights and Async Disorders * Long-Term and Experimental Merging * New Psychsurgery Procedures * Nanofab and Rare Materials We're extending proof comments for one more day -- to Monday, July 8th.

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Understood. By the way, is
Understood. By the way, is there specific hour that is the cut off point? I'm kinda wondering if the cut off point is Monday at midnight (23:59)?
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Realistically, it's Tuesday
Realistically, it's Tuesday morning when I get up and sit down at my comp, which should be around 9 am CST :)

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Understood. ---- On a related note, I've done a quick read through the proof. I'll do a more thorough read through later, but here are a few quick thoughts. (p. 12) - Its nice to have a table to determine the prices to rent or buy servers, but the table seems to have alignment issues. Its kinda confusing to read at the moment. Going to postpone judgement for now. (p. 17) - I have 2 problems with psych scan. First, does it do stress damage? I'm not sure if it should. Second, why does one need to be async to detect another async. Couldn't a really good psychosurgen with knowledge of the condition be able to detect it? If it must be an async, then I think you should include something that mentions that "For some strange reason, only an async can detect another async in this manner.". (p. 21) - Long term merging. I don't suppose there is any way to improve memory retention? I don't like losing memories from both egos after merging. Actually, is the merging process a thing where there are 2 ego combining to create a 3rd ego, or is it the fork combining with the original ego? I would kinda would like to know if a character will retain all memories from 1 fork and suffer major memory loss in the other fork, or if both forks will suffer major memory loss. Edit before posting: Better memory retention is covered further down. I didn't see at first. Perhaps you should move it up so its right after this section. Something to think about. Or mention that better, more advanced techniques lie below if you one is willing to take the risks... (p. 22) - Merging forks with advancements. Its nice to see that you've swapped out the skill loss system with the rez dept system. I think its less clumsy to do things that way. Still, should each specialization (5 cp instead of 10 cp) have the same weight as something with 10 CP during the merging process? (p. 23) - Merging Different Egos. Do egos really change enough after 6 months to warrant the use of this system? (p. 24) - Nice to have more psychosurgical techniques. Especially trait editing. (p. 25) - Nanofabrication. It was a nice read. (p. 28) - Missing? The file says it 28 pages at the bottom of each page, but the file only seems to have 27 pages. Is this file missing a page?
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Player Advice - For Proofing
PORTABLE SERVER Should this have Access Jacks? ALIEN SENSORY DISORDER I like this, but notice that if the character only has passive sleights they won't lose any DV or SV from them so won't trigger the suggested game effect. I'm not sure that is really a problem as such a character will be making relatively little use of Psi so having little in the way of side effects wouldn't be so bad. MERGING FORKS WITH ADVANCEMENTS My understanding from the core book was that merging would transfer everything, skills as well as memories. I can see why there'd be a desire to nerf that but think this has overcorrected. Charging for these skills etc with their full cost in Rez points makes sense, charging double for Specialisations not so much. It'd even be OK if the new abilities aren't available until those Rez points have been earned. I think that further costs in terms of test Modifiers and Stress is going two steps too far though. MERGING DIFFERENT EGOS Perhaps a modifier could be used to make the test easier on forks which have diverged for more than 6 months but were originally the same. Eg +30 for 6-12 months, +20 for 1-2 years, +10 for 2-5 years.
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A few comments
p.3, SOFTWARE PLUG-INS I fell this heading should be larger than ones of each plug-ins. Same applies to upgrade and eidron headings. p. 5, Hacking Alert >Unless the hacker alert plug-in is also disabled or hacked, I am figuring "the hacker alert plug-in" should be "the hacking alert plug-in". p. 6, Additional Upgrades Many of these augmentations are categorized as mental ones. So I am figuring it should be "The following augmentations are ...", removing "physical". p. 12, Server Cost I am interpreting "Infomorph Capacity x N" Cost is in credit. But if then, rental cost of one-person server (1 x 50 = 50 credit) become cheaper than per-account cost (Low = 250 credit). I think servers should have minimum user number. p. 22, Mergint Forks with Advancements >Aptitude bonuses add a -10 modifier per point when transferred. I am figuring "Aptitude bonuses" should be "Aptitude points". p. 24, Awaness Block There are two ways to find an awareness block, one is "the proper questions and a Psychosurgery Test at +20" and other is "it must be actively searched for, takes a timeframe of 1 day (if the block is known) or 2 weeks (if it isn't), and suffers a -30 modifier". But I couldn't find which is right.
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Alright. I've gone through
Alright. I've gone through this proof. I found a few more things. Given how little time is left, I doubt I'll find anything else. ---- *Not directly related to this proof, but I was reminded/became aware of these issues when reading the proof. I'll try to repost these in the proper sections. Hardening - I want to double check this. Is all things you can be hardened to listed on (Core Rulebook, p. 215), or does it include everything that might cause stress? I want to know if something like resleeving or continuity is a source of stress you can be hardened to? Eidolons - I just remembered that the morph creation rules are not ready for the creation any kind of infomorph. Do you put 0 dur down (and 0 CP) for having no physical body what so ever? ---- *Directly related to the proof. Some of these might be comments as opposed to errors that need fixing. (p. 09) - I read there that personal computers, I'm assuming this includes basic mesh inserts, can only allow an aptitude max of 20. Since muses and other other AIs have an aptitude max of 20, I guess they are well suited for each other. Full egos that exceed this number will likely find things cramped I suppose, but not a lot of people exceed aptitudes of 20 from the impressions I got. (p. 11) - The table for device glitches could use some alignment fixes. Its kinda confusing having a sentence stop at one end of the page and begin again on the other side just below a roll result. However, that might be because things are still half finished. (p. 11) - Specialized Servers. It says that powerful specialized servers can even provide aptitude bonuses. What happens when a Eidolon with a +15 aptitude bonus runs on a server with a +5 aptitude bonus to that same aptitude? Does the ego get a +20 aptitude bonus? (p. 16) - Scanning infomorphs using a user account. Such a person can determine what software the infomorph is using. Does that mean that hacking software (or other illegal software) can be detected? Can this be prevented? Could a hacker hack the home device so it reports different software is being used? Could the same be done to conceal or falsify current type of Eidolon being used? (p. 20) - Sense Infection Slight. Can asyncs learn to remember the different feelings or flavors the different exsurgent viruses and async natures have? I keep having this idea of an async running and being valuable to Firewall because they have learned to recognize so many TITAN virus strains.
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More thought needs to be put
More thought needs to be put into the rules for servers: these rules don't seem to be written by someone who understands existing Eclipse Phase technology. I can get 100 ghostrider modules or ectos for 25,000 credits, but an ordinary server (which can take advantage of economy of scale) costs twice as much? That's not right. What are we getting for the extra cost? We need costs for PCs who want to run their own enhanced or specialized server. The first thing I'm going to do with these rules is install a server in my synthmorph. What's the cost? The portable server is kind of strange. It seems like it's the size of a suitcase, but it's only dedicating a tiny part of it's internal volume to the "server". 5 informorphs can be hosted in the volume of 5 credit cards (see: Ecto). It should be able to hold several hundred egos, at least, with plenty of room left over.
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I do realize that it is past
I do realize that it is past the cut off point, but I just had 2 radical ideas today. If you have time to consider them, great. If not, then another time maybe. 1) Fork merging with limited AIs. For most people, limited AIs wouldn't be their first choice to merge their egos with. I think that most people would rather merge with someone famous or someone with impressive mental, physical, or social abilities. Other times, they might realize that many limited AIs run around with knowledge skills of 90 (it says 90 at the top of p. 265 of the Core Rulebook). I'm not saying this is the best option to become an expert in a field, but it might be worth considering if you needed a real boost *ASAP*. Such AIs often have many skills other than just the 1 high knowledge skill, skills often related to their field or purpose, so you are not merging and only getting a big increase to just 1 skill. You are likely to come out as competent as the said AI, have your own skills to work with, and still be able to learn and default skills (unless that ought to be a problem with doing a merge with such a limited ego). 2) Skillsoft Editing. A character can now use psychosurgery to edit in traits now. Not only could they edit in normal traits, but they can now edit in traits that normally only exist as infomorph plugins and upgrades. Could they do the same with skillsofts (Core Rulebook, p. 332)? ---- Edit before posting: Can characters still edit in plugins and upgrades? I only question this now since I just checked not too long ago (to make my post more accurate). I no longer see rules or CP costs for such traits/programs...
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Will the issue of the AGI acquiring the PSI trait addressed? I mean, the text of the backgrounds should specify if an AGI is barred from acquiring the trait at all, or just during character generation.
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Infomorph Software
Can a character use the same, already installed, software they have as an infomorph when they sleeve in a synthmorph or pod (assuming the individual software entries do not say other wise and the software is not an eidolon)? If so, skillware program upgrades and other software is going to be extremely popular among frequent ego-casting sentinels since programs, unlike augments, can be lugged through ego-casting. Also, how does software upgrades/plugins work with forking? I could see it being easy to copy since it is software (and it might even be easier or faster to copy a fork without detangling it from its upgrades first), but corp DRM could tangle this up (until the tech jail-breaks it). Still, a less extreme DRM might allow a number of forks to make use of the software (linking the software to an individual mesh id or brain-scan, which might be worse for an under-cover sentinel). If the DRM is subverted or absent, however, this software will be endlessly copy-able, transferable over ego-caster, useable in any morph with a cyber-brain or infomorph, and invisible to any physical senses. I had been slow to pick up skillsofts since I couldn't be sure that a loner morph would have skillware, but if I can keep it in my head, then any case will do. I'm not complaining. I love programs, blue-prints, and any other gear I can store in data and take everywhere. I just wanted this to get some consideration and clarification. Trait Editing: What if the character only holds onto the trait temporarily (either because of a successful opposed willpower check preventing the psychosurgery from "sticking" or intentionally removing a personality trait that was only meant to help with the one assignment)? Would Rez be lost? I'm not sure if it would be balanced to allow a player to pick out whatever traits he wants for a given mission (stress points aside), but I don't think it makes sense to charge rez points for something lost. There is also the possibility of psychosurgery-ing a disposable fork into a very specific role, but I'm thinking that the limited lucidity value of the fork (and the psychosurgeon) would limit the effectiveness of this tactic, since not only would you have to imprint skills and traits, but likely also modify behavior/memories so that the fork doesn't realize that you are being sort of evil. On an only-tangentally-related note, can you imprint restricted traits, such as uplift-only traits dealing with a predatory mindset? I know that there are cases where "Killer Instinct" (Character Options, Transhuman playtest, p80) would be a useful trait to give someone, if only temporarily.