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Playtest Report #2

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Playtest Report #2
Recently I run a game using new EP2 rules, most of them from official playtest materials. The rest from the materials kindly supplied to me by Posthuman Studios. It was an investigative scenario with players investigating derelict station infested by [url=http://www.seedwareblog.com/2015/03/74-creche.html]the space mold[/url]. They learned the fate of its single inhabitant, and what caused the infection. Now they will be heading into the second part of the scenario where they face combat, the mysterious vilian and more madness than they can probably take. [hr] So the change most integral to the experience. The skill system. It didn't get in the way of fun. The number of skills has been collapsed nicely. There was no point at which I was sure that the player was not able to fulfill his premise due to split skills. Sneaky characters were sneaky. Perceptive characters could do the investigating. Most declared actions were easy to adjudicate. [hr] Rep system. I didn't test that extensively. Only some investigation and resupply before jumping off ito space on rocket sled. I allowed to make profession rolls to replace Rep rolls where it seemed appropriate. The favors were still used. Example: Player 1 used his Profession: Habitat Engineering to find people that controlled the sensor arrays of the habitat that he helped to build. Then he used minor favor to get 30 seconds of the control time on one of the bigger arrays. [hr] Combat. There was not much of it because Player 1 snuck in some Firewall rep without me noticing. Therefore his character was justifiably paranoid and overly cautious. This reduced number of combats to 1. Unfortunately (luckily for the player) I set the guard bots Fray and Melee at 40. This meant that one player demolished 4 of them in close-quarter combat with pirate loadout of vibroblade and shard pistol. Houserules: I demanded that player declare any spent Vigor points at the begining of their turn, similarly to the movement declaration. Doubts: How many additional actions can Vigor grant? I allowed 2. Observations: Mooks have now another role: pool attrition. I noticed that most of the mooks have no reason to conserve their pools, therefore they will give it everything they've got. After all for PCs a nameless guard is just another obstacle, but for this guy it is a fight for survival, for keeping his job, for getting his pound of living human meat. I will report how this feels for players when they encounter fresh enemies with more Pool Points than them. After all in EP1 the Moxie was one of things distinguishing PCs from NPCs. Now the situation is somewhat opposite because it is much more likely for Players to encounter NPCs with more Pool Points than them. [hr] EDIT: As for morphs I simply said: make characters with any package you want. Adjust them as needed. Get morphs of your choice for free as long as they are less than 7 CP. I will add more conclusions to this post when I reach them. Cheers
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This sounds very interestng.
This sounds very interestng. The uncertainty of how many actions per turn you can get off Vigor and Insight is something we should kick up to the devs. Personally, I would only allow [strong]one extra action[/strong], but I can't say that your answer of two was wrong per say. Pool Attrition looks like it will be a promising way for the bad guys defense in depth to work in a way that actually strains the players ability to deal with things, and should help to encourage PCs to only use what they need pool wise. (Could encourage some over-gearing, however)
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CordialUltimate2 wrote:Doubts
CordialUltimate2 wrote:
Doubts: How many additional actions can Vigor grant? I allowed 2.
This is covered on page 6 of the game mechanics document, under Extra Actions. Your ruling matched the game rule: "You may not take more than two extra actions in a single action turn"