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Price Drosp On DTRPG

very nice to finally have all the sample character consolidated and it is very tempting to due a POD run. the amount of ink i used on my own printouts is staggering. But what kind of stock is used for the cards? I would hope something durable like card stock?

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If you're talking about the

If you're talking about the Morph Cards - yes - it is card stock, nice and durable.

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The POD NPCs are all on card

The POD NPCs are all on card stock — probably equivalent to the cover stock on most of DTRPG's POD softcover books. I laminated them on top of that just because players tended to leaf through them a lot during pizza-and-beer downtime, and I've been really happy with them. I, too, went through ridonkulous amounts of ink printing them myself.

The only downside(?) is that they're double-sided rather than single-sided, and that they're a little smaller than normal letter-sized paper. Maybe 8x10 instead of 8.5x11? Not a big deal, but it was worth taking into account when laminating or sleeving them.