Gamemaster's Screen Hack Pack

A useful reference tool for all Eclipse Phase gamemasters, whether printed out or kept on a computer or tablet! It's also for those that like to customize and hack at their game materials! It contains:
  • PDFs of the front and back of the 4-page GM screen, featuring all of the tables an Eclipse Phase gamemaster needs in one place for handy reference.
  • InDesign files (Compatible with CS3, CS4, and probably CS2) for the Tables side of the GM Screen. These tables use GPLed fonts and the screen itself is Creative Commons-licensed, so you can edit and distribute your modifications non-commercially!
If you just interested in the GM Screen PDFs and not the InDesign files -- please see the GM Screen. For the adventure included in the print version of the GM Screen, check out Glory!
Release Date: 
October 1, 2010
Multiple file formats
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