It never ceases to shock when time slips away from me. Two weeks. Gone. Completely wiped from my existence. Two weeks ago, there was another me, sleeved in another morph. There was a mission and it led to my death. Sava wakes from the dead with a new body and a new mission. This time, the job entails returning to a ruined Earth, avoiding the dangers left behind by an apocalyptic war between AIs and transhumanity, and putting their lives on the line for lost information. It is a mission they won't forget--and may not remember at all. "Lack" takes place in the Eclipse Phase tabletop roleplaying game universe. This story originally appeared in the Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook. If you already own the core rulebook, you already have this story—but if you want it in ePub or MOBI format, this is the way to get it! This version of "Lack" contains 3 files for different electronic book readers: ePub, PDF, and MOBI (Amazon Kindle) format. It won't sync wirelessly to your Kindle, though; you'll need to connect it via USB and drag it over.
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June 02, 2010
ePub, PDF, and MOBI
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