Million Year Echo

Million Year Echo is an adventure for Eclipse Phase:
  • Venture into the TITAN Quarantine Zone on the trail of a scientist with a dangerous secret.
  • Locations: Explore the ruined Mars colony of Qurain, as well as a derelict airship.
  • Threats: Face new and deadly Zone denizens along with exotic digital hazards.
  • Campaign Play: Combine with Zone Stalkers sourcebook for extended play.
  • One-shot Play: Includes characters and alternate Firewall plotline for one-shots.
Million Year Echo is a 27-page adventure presented via Print-on-Demand and as a layered PDF with hyperlinks. Million Year Echo is further supported with a two-track soundtrack from Scott Fox, featuring Qurain and The Blind Iman!
Release Date: 
October 01, 2014
PDF, Print on Demand (Softcover, Full Color)
Page Count: 
27 pages
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$9.99 POD / $4.99 PDF / $11.98 Combo