Router Case Files

Whether you're running Eclipse Phase for the first time or a veteran gamemaster, Router Case Files is your resource for fast plot hooks tailored to this intricate universe. Covering the three core campaign types—Firewall, gatecrashing, and Guanxi criminals—then spanning the solar system to deal with hypercorps, uplifts, media, politics, and more!

Router Case Files is 24 pages and will be available in print as part of the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Gamemaster's Screen.

Router Case Files does not contain any game mechanics and can be used with any edition of Eclipse Phase.

How to Use Router Case Files

The following pages provide a selection of plot hooks for gamemasters (GMs) to run with. These ideas are short and provide the bare-bones outline for a scenario. Some provide specific details, like the names of hypercorps and non-player characters (NPCs), or a recommended setting (i.e., Elysium on Mars), while others are more generic, leaving those details to be filled in. We often include several possibilities for the GM to choose from, to best fit your campaign and keep the players on their toes in case they read this too! Most of these hooks are meant to be run over the course of a session or three, but they could certainly be stretched out for more sessions if needed.

We’ve organized these plot hooks into rough categories; each two-page spread covering a different topic. The first three focus on specific campaign types: Firewall, gatecrashing, or Guanxi criminals. The next two spreads cover the inner and outer halves of the Solar System, respectively. The remaining spreads relate to different focus areas: hypercorps, mercurials, the mesh and media, politics, transhumanity, and weirder things.

On top of that, we list a set of keyword tags with each hook that indicate what other topics, groups, and places that scenario idea might relate to. This provides an easy way of scanning them for specific subjects. Need an adventure idea that involves Venus, forking, or exsurgents? Scan the tags to see which ones might work. We’ve included an index of the tags at the very back, so you can see a full list of the hooks for each subject.

As always, any given details can and should be changed by the GM as you see fit. Take these ideas and run with them!

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December 2019
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