Zone Stalkers

Zone Stalkers is a gamemaster-focused sourcebook for Eclipse Phase:
  • Send players to the most perilous place on Mars—for Firewall, or for profit!
  • Perimeter Security: How authorities keep the Zone quarantined – and how to get around it.
  • Threats: New monsters, NPCs, and environmental hazards to challenge players.
  • Locations: TITAN facilities, ruined habitats, and denizens' lairs.
  • Plot Hooks: Reasons to visit the second most awful place in the solar system.
Zone Stalkers is a 19-page adventure presented via Print on Demand and as a layered PDF with hyperlinks. Written by Jack Graham.
Release Date: 
May 28, 2014
PDF, Print-on-Demand (Softcover, Full Color)
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$9.99 POD / $4.99 PDF / $11.98 Combo