Second Edition Character Sheets (custom)

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Second Edition Character Sheets (custom)

Since my original thread is located in the locked subforum for EP2 beta test, I'll post my sheets here. I'm running a game this weekend, so I decided to update my old sheets for the 2nd edition beta.

In PDF format:
One page version PDF (condense everything in one page)
Two pages version PDF (with the public/private info pages)

In Excel format:
One page version XLSX
Two pages version XLSX

Please note that I didn't include Psi as I don't really use that in my games (not for the players at least).

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The Second Edition is out!

The Second Edition is out (in pdf)! So I made myself new character sheets using the book's sheet as inspiration. Note that I removed the Psi skill and Async section as I never use it for player characters.

Here are the rough draft versions. I suck at designing so it'll take some time to improve, but I'll update when I have something better.

PDF version

EXCEL version

EDIT: added 1-page version below

1-page PDF version

1-page EXCEL version

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Thank you!

These look great, thank you for making them available.

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Very good beginning !!!

Very good beginning !!!

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