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So whats going on with Eclipse Phase?

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So whats going on with Eclipse Phase?
I was wondering if someone who has been following things more closely can fill me in here. It seems like 2nd edition was due out last year and is still not out to the public. The News and Announcements forum almost never seems updated, and there are no events on schedule for GenCon (this despite being assured that there would be, and that registration opened weeks ago). I know Posthuman is a small operation, but in the past they managed to put out a lot of supplements and had a big presence at conventions. I'm a little concerned that they are falling apart, or have encountered circumstances they are too small to handle. I loved the work put into the first game though I found some things difficult for new players to handle. Was really looking forward to 2nd edition and playing at GenCon this year. Thanks for any insight.
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I don't know about anyone
I don't know about anyone else. But I've personally given up on 2nd edition. At the moment my role play group is really excited about Shadowrun 6th edition coming out next month. I have a version of Eclipse Phase I built using the 5th edition rules (although it does need some more work) and was planing on finishing them up to work with 6th. At this point, I'm so deep in my own work that if 2nd edition was released tomorrow, I would probably ignore it unless something amazing and unique was released along with it. Fact is, the world was already more interesting to me than the rules. So unless the new edition turns heads in a big way, I'll only be picking up a book to get a look at the new lore and not much else.
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The best place for news on
The best place for news on Second Edition remains the kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/507486226/eclipse-phase-second-edit... where Adam regularly confirms the progession and status. I have been playing with the 2nd edition since last November and I like it. The latest backer preview contained all the rules. I hadn't heard about Shadowrun 6, I need to go look at that :D
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Hi! We are very busy. We are also very... variable at communications lately. We've been keeping people up to date — every three weeks at least — on the Kickstarter project, but not very good on our own website. I'm getting back on track with updating the Project Status page the first week of every month and using our mailing list monthly but doing a big catch-up blog post is way way overdue, as is better integrating all sorts of our social stuff into the main website. (Ahh, Instagram too!: https://www.instagram.com/posthumanstudios/ ) Gen Con events are submitted and working their way through the administrative process there. We can't do anything to speed that up at this point, and the moment I see the flurry of emails that let me know they've been made available, I'll update the relevant threads here and on social media. As always, if you want to get paid to run Eclipse Phase games at Gen Con, please reach out to us at info@posthumanstudios.com — the #1 thing that keeps us from running more games at Gen Con is more gamemasters. Eclipse Phase Second Edition is still in progress. I'm heading to Chicago bright-and-early tomorrow (uhm... today!) for a four-day work crunch with Sprite. We've released a handful of stuff in advance of the core rulebook: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/507486226/eclipse-phase-second-edit... and http://bit.ly/ep_nbc_t — to get people playing, and to prevent our schedule from bottlenecking further when the core book is released. And we've soft-launched our Patreon to support ongoing EP2 development and future projects: http://patreon.com/posthumanstudios So, summary: a lot of things are happening and a lot of progress is being made. But we have not been good about globally telling our fans about that progress. That needs to change, and it will.