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[Software] Eclipse Phase Wep App

Hello community,

My name is Benoit Molenda aka benoy.

I'm creating on an application to support Eclise Phase Game : EclipseSpot.com

This project target :

  • Better centralisation of content around the game
  • Character & rules helpers
  • Online gaming

Current release is an alpha version, but it already provides interesting features.

We build this software close to the community, so we really want to know what you think about it.

The application is updated every wednesday except tiny re-scheduling.

If you want to help us, you can post on this thread or use those links :

Thank you

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This looks both cool and

This looks both cool and useful. I'm excited to see where it goes.

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Even I am very eagerly

Even I am very eagerly waiting for this. When will we going to see this ?

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Deployed with a temporary url

Deployed with a temporary url before domain name get ready ;)

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Profession is not a field

Profession is not a field skill?

The new Ultimate! edition of my digitally saveable extended character sheet!

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Yes it is, I just fixed it.

Yes it is, I just fixed it.
Along the week I managed to convert factions, backgrounds, traits and skills.
Of corse some mistakes get through ...
I'll setup a flag button system to help fixing it.

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I'll give you some heads up right away I guess

Here I present some typos I have found so far:

-Under skills, Academics is spelled Academis
-In the main menu, you've spelled the Gear section "Gears", the proper word for it would be just "Gear"
-Implants Rejection under traits should have a capital "i" like the rest of the traits.
-Seeker weapons are misspelled under combat skills
-Kinesics should have SAV as its linked aptitude
-Networking should have SAV as its linked aptitude, not COG
-Medicine is spelled wrong
-Psychosurgery should have a capital "p"
-Pilot should have REF as its linked aptitude
-Flight should have SOM as its linked aptitude

The new Ultimate! edition of my digitally saveable extended character sheet!

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Thanks for your help mephil.

Thanks for your help mephil.
Data are updating right now.

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It looks beautiful so far and

It looks beautiful so far and I'm sure it will be a great resource; however, it needs a lot of editing to cleanup typos, misspellings, and unclear language.

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lots of data for you

Have yet to check it out thoroughly, but I've got some of the data like gear and things in semi-standardized .csv format that you can scrape here: http://itsmax.net/pub/EclipsePhase/data/

granted, some of it is out of date now, but it should have all the gear and morphs from EC, PO, GC, and maybe RW? Anyway, it's got full and summary descriptions along with book and page references, etc.

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Thanks for data, I will work

Thanks for data, I will work on it tomorrow.
Wednesday is my eclipsespot day :p

Goal gonna be :
* Add data error report button, to allow people to flag errors :)
* Improve navigation, I'm not so happy with some layouts
* Then
* Or : Continue morph data integration
* Or : Make some artworks to illustrate backgrounds and factions

What do you think guys ?

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Hello guys,

Hello guys,

Today I was focused on improving the web site quality.

I improved the general layout : Less pages and more side navigation for a better navigation.
I made it in the way I saw people using the book, comparing factions and so on ...

I also started to make artworks :
Lunar colonist and Martian
I'm not a pro, so the quality is low, but I think it captures well the description. Your opinion ?

Next week I plan to integrate morphs.
It's one of data type missing to get character creation done.

In general I wonder about priorities.
Should I keep continuing polishing stuff even if it low down development.
Or should I get done as many features as possible, even lowing down quality ?
I guess something in-between ...

What do you think about it ?

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I'd say, get the core

I'd say, get the core functional layout in first. Data entry can be crowd-sourced here probably, and there's time to add art and polish after. Get to the point where you can create a character with just an ego and morph (no gear or implants) and save it out.

I absolutely love the accessibility of information in the site design though! Everything that has its own entry always has a link to that entry. It save so much time rather than having to look it up in another menu!

Also, rad artwork. Keep doing that when you burn out on coding!

Thank you! Keep it up!

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I think the artwork gives it

I think the artwork gives it a nice touch and I think the luna one is particularily good with the floating teddybear and earth in the background! Why does the sign in the other one say "Welcome on Mars" though... not "to"?

I'm not that interested in the character generation, although I'm sure others are, and it may become obsolete if the kickstarter "Singularity chargen" software is unlocked - which seems quite likely.

What I really like and want from the website is a highly inter-linked information database with powerful search functionality. I want to be able to find out everything about the "Jovian Civil Defense Corps" or search for SCI and find out it stands for "Security Council Intelligence" of the Jovian Republic, as well as all sort of obscure information. When I read about a faction, station, tech, etc. I want there to be links to other information that it relates to. To make it really powerful it would be cool to also have links to fan material and obviously a special category for the same.

It looks very promising so far and I like the look and functionality. Look forward to seeing how it develops.

Transhuman Mind

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Thank for you feedbacks.

Thank for you feedbacks.
I really keep me motivated ^^

thelabmonkey : I was targeting initially full gear/implants options, but you are right. I can let it out of the scope for now and get a first version op. Move step by step is much more better.

Maskin : I don't think in 4 for days we can gather enougth to reach the $90k but I hope so. Whatever, even if they work on it, I can provide my own version. Have challengers or be challenging is always great.

I agree with your idea, that's the next things I want to work on : Research and recommendation.
Let's say you search "Mars", you'll get all data connected to it.
On the "Martian colonist" page, you'll get also short info blocks about connected topics and quick research link. This could be useful both for Gamemaster and players.

About artwork, I agree the martian isn't that's great, I was trying out some technic I do not master so much. Like I said, i'm not pro, I keep _and have to_ learn a lot. I noticed the "welcome ON mars" to late :p Let's say it's a french engineer guy who built it.

Like thelabmonkey advised me, I'll keep producing it when I'll not be able to code.

Thanks guys !

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Cool tool !

That's a very good start !

Are you planning on working a bilingual (French/English) database and character creator ? If so maybe I can help. If you're interested you can PM me and we can discuss it.

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Tech stack

Are you interested in having other webdevs help with building the site? What is the tech stack you are using?

[ @-rep +1 | c-rep +1 | g-rep +1 | r-rep +1 ]

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Sorry for this long silence

Sorry for this long silence (almost two weeks).
I'm busy working on the character creation and upgrading my knowledge in JS frameworks.
I'll be back with regular wednesday point next week.

@booga : Supporting multi-language is in my idea-box, it's almost already possible. I'll contact you soon

@root : Help is always appreciated even if I don't know really how to integrate people into the project. But talking is the first step I guess.
The tech stack is :
* BackboneJS - MarionnetteJS
* Zurb foundation CSS framework
* Ruby on Rails 3+
* Mongo DB

Oh, teaser for the next week!
Since I decided to build a full JS character editor, a rest API is growing up.
API documentation will be published publicly allowing crazy guy who want to build mobile/desktop app on top of it.

Thanks guys

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Hi guys,

I haven't been posting since a while.

Indeed I needed time to improve my knowledge in advanced JS frameworks.
User creation is something quite interactive so this step was required.

The generator was improved a little bit.
Apptitudes, credits and moxie customisation are done.

But in the mid time, I created a lot of other cool stuffs.

The JS client is based on an API.
You can find the live documentation here (you need to be signed in send requests).
It will allow dev to build up side clients, sych as mobile applications, yeah!

Something that could interst more people, I built up a form to let you input content in the system !
On this page (account also required) you can publish additional data such as scenarios, novels, fluf etc ...
Note that content need an admin validation, for obvious reasons, to become public.

During the process, I built on the top of all contents two things that's gonna make Maskin happy : Research and recommendation.
Now, you can know find easily built-in or user created data.
Also, you will find on the right side of content pages recommendations.

I continue to think about internationalisation of the content.
But the main audience is English mainly, so this feature will wait untill I get an enougth request for it on uservoice.

Thanks for following my project.
I'm waiting for your feedbacks and content publications.

Next week no update, I'm in hollidays (so I may not be working :p)

Last minute Edit :
Yesterday night I remade the design, just because I wanted too.

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Great stuff and it is looking

Great stuff and it is looking very promising indeed.

The search seems fairly powerful and I like how it gives you suggestions as you type, but when I click on any result it just starts loading and always times out after a long time. For example I search for Brinker and click on the result it just loads forever, but if I click on a link to Brinker the page loads immediately so there must be an issue with the search.

The related topics box is great and presumably links can be created in the text as well to read more about a subject mentioned.

Transhuman Mind

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Very nice update ProxyGear,

Very nice update ProxyGear, good work. If there are typos, would you like us to submit them to you? If so, what would be the best format?

As for the localization in French, I think you need to advertise your wonderful site on French forums where EP fans have a good chance of going. A couple suggestions :

-- Black Book Edition's Ecipse Phase forums : http://www.black-book-editions.fr/forum/index.php?board=162.0
-- EclipsePhase.fr forums : http://www.eclipsephase.fr/forum/

I think that you'll get an idea of the interest on the French side by posting there and seeing what feedback you get.

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Thanks for your responses.

Thanks for your responses.

The research isn't a full research, it would need more time and infra for it.
Instead Tags, Names, Types, Categories and other interesting elements are indexed to provide quick completion. It's not perfect but it give decent results.

I tested the described research bug. I get the same problem, I'll fix it tomorow.

The related topics box act as a small research except it look for items out of the current category.
For instance I added a User Content "Pod". If you go on Worker Pod page, you'll Pod in the recommendations but not Pleasure Pod, because it's already in the navigation box.

Normally tomorrow I'll deploy email notifications on content creation to validate mor reactively.
It's the first way to constribute : adding side contents.
If categories are missing, I can quickly add its.

For typo and other mistakes, I'm preparing something cool.
The base data will be available in open source on github.
I'll provide also a simple way (for non git users) to send patches.

It means also you will be able to add additional official content, for example Sunyard Morphs.

Then about internationalisation, and not only about French, it's something I really would like to do.
However like said before, it's a question of priority.
I would like to provide tool for translation, multi language research, and so ... to have a nice experience and not something half done.
But it's an alpha version, purpose here is to test concepts, such as content gathering capability, game tools and .... the reste is secret :) I think it's gonna be one of the first thing I'll implement for the Beta.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the links, may I'll post there soon and start talking about my project (I just remember that base data already support internationalisation).

After those little changes, you'll have enough tools to add missing content.
So i'll go back to the character manager.

Thanks once again :)

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Week end update

Hello guys,

I just publish a tool to let you fix content/add additional book/translate content

One link : Eclipse Spot Data
Tell if it's clear or not, easy enough etc ...

Today I'll correct the reported bugs and continue on the character creation.
Buy the way you can now access to the road map

Have a good weekend

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I'm afraid it's going to be a

I'm afraid it's going to be a bit too complex for the average user, and it looks like someone could also use this to sabotage the content. Maybe more step-by-step instructions would help, but I think the best way to handle changes and additions would be from within an interface directly in the website, that would have to be approved by moderator(s) before publishing.

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Thanks booga

Hi booga, I was about to MP you about the update :)

About sabotage, it's not possible.
People send archive via email or push it via pull request. Both way I make a merge/validation operation.

I agree an interface would be awesome. However data are a bit too complexe to be added this way.
It means I have to create specific form for each content types + translation + validation ...
I'll do it probably later but for now it's the "quickest/efficient" way I found.

Hum ... and what do you think If i simply had a comment section on each pages ?
This way people can write it directly there ?

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Glad there is a security

Glad there is a security feature in your process.

Comments is ok, however you may end up with most comments not been additional materials but just chatter.

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A tiny update and a big question


Tiny update today : comments are enabled on the site.

I also spent time preparing the new design (cf Trello).
I will not change the website style since character creation is note done.
However it helps me a lot to decide the path to follow.

I was wondering what to do :
* Form to allow user to fix content
* Internationalisation
* Implement the final design
* Finish the rule assistant
* Etc ...

So the new schedule is :
* RuleFree character creation/modification
* Finish the creation assistant
* Create a quick gear shop

Finally I get more account creation that what I expected, and I'm really happy with this.
However nobody published content yet (except me of course).
I could try to imagine why, but your direct feedbacks would be much relevant.

What do you think about this feature and why you are not using it ?

PS : Follow Eclipse spot on twitter ;)