Starting Eclipse - should I wait?

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Starting Eclipse - should I wait?

I have a few of the core books for eclipse but haven't gotten around to running a game yet.

Fate sounds good - but what will i need to begin with?

EP Core book?
Fate Core book?
Eclipse Fate (whenever its available)?

Keen to play but I'm not sure which rule books to read!

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Falconburger -- the latest

Falconburger -- the latest version of the Fate Conversion Guide is still available in the playtest section, so you can get started on reading/playing it right away:

(We're in layout/editing of it now, but playtest comments could still be factored in if they are important.)

The conversion guide is designed to be sandwiched between a copy of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook (for more setting details) and Fate Core (for the complete rules).

Take a spin through the playtest document, and refer to Eclipse Phase and Fate Core as necessary!

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Thanks - I'll do that ;-)

Thanks - I'll do that ;-)