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Stress categories/Character Sheet

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Stress categories/Character Sheet
Am I missing something? Reading through the Mental Health section, it lists 4 categories. Yet I don't see any other rules as to what to do with those categories. Listening to Actual Plays from RPPR and Technical Difficulties, I can assume these are going to be similar to what Red Markets and Delta Green use (and if it comes from some other system, I am probably unfamiliar with it). BTW: The character sheet lists three of the four. It is missing Violence.
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Tracking for Hardening trait
Those categories are in place for tracking progress towards gaining the Hardening trait for specific stressful events characters can run into. The categories seem to be misprinted as, according to the current rules, the categories to track should be Alienation, Helplessness and Violence - Unknown cannot be Hardened. As per the rules:
EP2_ActionsAndCombat_June08 wrote:
Every time you suffer a trauma due to stress from alienation, helplessness, or violence (Stress Categories, p. XX), take note. If you survive such a traumatic situation 5 times without acquiring a disorder, you become effectively immune to that type of stress in the future. You acquired the Hardening trait (p. XX) for that type of stress. You may never become hardened to stress from the unknown.
This can be good or bad, depending on your point of view, and how you deal with the drawbacks. It does let you pick up traits for free, though - and your character has to go through hell to do it.
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Name Suggestion
I recommend changing 'The Unknown' to 'Alienation' and change 'Alienation' to 'Disconnection'.
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Proxy Bastion wrote:I
Proxy Bastion wrote:
I recommend changing 'The Unknown' to 'Alienation' and change 'Alienation' to 'Disconnection'.
You know what, I agree, this has a better feel. It's also a bit more natural to think that "of course meeting Aliens triggers Alienation stress!"
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