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Tacnet, the ad-ware version

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Tacnet, the ad-ware version
Do your players invoke the PC hivemind without paying 1000 credits. Does your team leader constantly wish he had been there to see the problem he might have been able to solve? Players not feeling like your world is real enough? Then you need "Private Panopticon," the cheaper alternative to Tacnet. For the low, low, price of nothing, your players can have many of the same benefits of Tacnet and more. Your players ever wonder if ads still exist in the future? Wonder no more as their entropics randomly ask if your players have enough material to fill their package. Did one of your players get the special password to the Triad gambling den and forget to tell the face man? Well never fear, "Private Panopticon" will scramble that message with a 3 minute pitch for a multi-level marketing system that can triple their earning potential in minutes. Are your players too drunk or stressed out to make sound tactical decisions? Well, "Personal Panopticon" co mes with an advisory function for every conceivable situation known to man (by using this software, the user may consent to having their tactical XP uploaded without notice to a secure sever for future analysis). Let your players feel comfort as their advice becomes more helpful as the players inebriation rises or their sanity falls. Bonus advice is given if limbs are inoperative or certain skill are unavailable. Are your players becoming concerned that every firefight might potently be interrupted by erotic horse uplift on hermaphrodite XP and want to remove this software? Never fear, it can be easily uninstalled. Just have their muse delete the program, empty the main file of the associated helper bots, find the server that the initialy bought the software from, have their names removed from the system, wait two weeks as the backup serves are cleared of their names, then hope to god a sever was not offline when the purge happens or they will have to start the process all over again...or pay 2000 credits for the full version and delete at their pleasure. "Personal Panopticon", your players will show their appreciation, guaranteed. Warning, guarantee void in any jurisdiction by the extropian cout of "Skinnum and Catchum".
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Love it.
I think that's pretty clever! I've actually had my PC's in on campaign deal with ads in some other ways but pointing out that there would be a bunch of adware, malware etc just all over the place (particularly in anarchistic habitats and such) is really clever. I've had them get swarmed with pop-ups and the equivalent which has gotten past their muse, etc.