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Templecon 2014 & PAX East 2013 Science Fiction Worldbuilding Workshops

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Templecon 2014 & PAX East 2013 Science Fiction Worldbuilding Workshops
Over the last year, I've run two SF world building workshops with awesome colleagues Marc & Leah Huete, Andrew Linstrom, and Caroline Willis. I'm going to share some of the output in this thread. All of it is available for anyone to use under a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution Sharealike license. Attached to this first post is the seed document for the whole big shenanigans, prepped by Carrie, with some text from myself. It gives seeds for four possible sci-fi worlds, from which workshop participants had to choose one by acclaim. They were then divided into groups, and each group built out one aspect of the world. They had only about 30 minutes to work, but some really cool ideas emerged from the resulting brainstorming. Both groups (and I blame my presence here maybe a bit...) chose to do Transhuman SF worlds. The second file, 'nightmarket_compiled.pdf' is the Templecon group's output. License for the attached files: Creative Commons LicenseNight Market Singularity Stalker Blues by Templecon 2014 SF Worldbuilding Workshop Participants is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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