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Terraforming complex

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Terraforming complex
So I'm preparing the next session of my game(finally), and I'm going to have the players head to the Shanpo 3 terraforming complex to learn what happened there. Problem is, terraforming complexes aren't actually a thing, so I need some help creating one. To start with, I figure it will be a nitrate mineral strip mine, so it'll have things like conveyor belts, crushers, and ore processors. So here's what I've thought up so far: Ore processing(crushers, separators, storage) Machine shop for repairing equipment, includes fabbers Garage Living area Reactor Airlocks Life support Kitchen/mess hall A few offices for managerial work Bar(martian beers skill!) So what did I miss? And how would ore processing be different with EP tech?
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Looks good to me! That soil
Looks good to me! That soil is presumably quite nitrate rich to make it worth the effort.
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Depending on the size and
Depending on the size and remoteness of the operation a medical aria may be present
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Sounds reasonable. Try to get
Sounds reasonable. Try to get a map of a normal strip mine and decorate it with extra features. Transport: for heavy loads either use a railroad or cargo zeppelins. That requires a loading station, with containers and cranes. If I did this, I would likely nerd out about all the cool and weird nanoprocessing in the ore processing system, likely making it something like a petrochem plant - full of pipes that could explode in nano-growth. Hmm... nitrates can likely be dissolved using hot water circulating in a closed system, but one could use other solvents like ionic liquids. Using ammonia to convert it to ammonium nitrate might make sense (and introduce loads of potentially explosive compounds). One side function might be to make chlorofluorocarbons from waste products and release them as greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for terraforming credits.
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Found some useful information today
http://www.atacama.com/i/pdf/Presentation-Feb08.pdf http://www.sqm.com/en-us/acercadesqm/recursosnaturales/procesodeproducci... Between those and [url=http://www.miningmagazine.com/reports/the-driest-place-on-the-earth?SQ_D... article[/url], I think I actually have some idea what I'm doing now. Turns out that caliche can be effectively mined without explosives. I'm not sure how I feel about that, gamewise. Another company I looked up does use explosives. The machine mentioned in that article is built by the company my father works for, which amuses me greatly. Another fun thing is that, like ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate is an oxidizer. Since one of the players uses a thermite sprayer, I'm expecting some excitement.