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Is there value to the community in creating a quick reference site?

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Is there value to the community in creating a quick reference site?
I've been working a bit on a one-page rules primer, but I was poking around on the forums here and spotted plans for an official wiki. I'm currently at the prototype stage and haven't done much in the way of graphic design yet, but before I put more effort into this project... will it be of much use? Note: Only posting some static screen shots because the primer is not yet CC licensed. Although I do have the full content in my webpage.
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There always are :)
There always are :) I'll say, this is the cheat sheet I use (which is cut down from two pages from EP1)
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You can always go ask Eaton
You can always go ask Eaton at Eldrich.host if he needs help. As far as I know he will be updating it for 2e.
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