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The "Time Travellers", an eccentrict group

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The "Time Travellers", an eccentrict group
First of all, I'd like to say that Time Travel is indeed possible, the same way Terry Prattchett tells us miracles are (drop a rock, pray for it to fall, profit!). You can travel to the future, after all! So this was a group of people, some burned by the Fall, others by the big changes in society, others were mere speculators. They sold, rented or otherwise disposed of their physical bodies and went either to cold storage, or to a very slowed down simulspace (were years of real time would pass in mere months). Some are normal people, others are oligarchs, and a few are fugitives... So what happens when certain preconditions happen, forcing the awakening of hundreds or even thousands of new minds, all with enough resources to bid for a physical body? Will the people intending on their money to accumulate insterests and grow while they were "sleeping" found themselves rich... or poor? Will the fugitives find themselves still hunted, the information they once had to blackmail someone still valid? Will the normal Joe find some family, or will he be all alone? Because, for economic purposes, this egos were stored all in a single package, so awakening one awoke them all. And maybe the bodies selected ate all the money saved this ten years, or maybe they are now a very interesting target for money-hungry thugs, hackers, and the TITANS know who. In game terms, the background would still be a reinstantiated from Earth's Fall, but being able to get almost any morph (Remades and uplift Pods are out of the list). Most common factions would be dependant on the exact bent the character had, from hyperelite to scum, including autonomists, but its unlikely specific, too removed from human points of view (like the Ultimates or uplifts) will be selected. One of inspirations for this was The Door into Summer, by Robert A. Heinlein, while the other comes from the second book in the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy. Come to think about it, EP "conventional" colonization efforts (that is, not using Pandora Gates) could be very much like the process described in that trilogy: Fit a ship with some healing vats and Cornucopia Machines, give it enough DNA data to terraform a planet, and place a bunch of egos into cold storage (with some others as "crew" into a slowed down simulspace, that gets accelerated in case of trouble). Let the colonization ships land into a planet, analize it, and start producing terrafroming stuff and some adapted synthmorphs to explore. Profit. Of course, for the people in the ship a few years at most passed while travelling, but for everybody outside of that cold storage or simulspace, maybe centuries went away. Again, time travel! Helmsman, set the H.G. Wells int a course to The Future!
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Re: The "Time Travellers", an eccentrict group
Great! I was little worried how to make non-trivial time jump (EP is pretty time packed: VERY interesting times to live in) but sub-light colonization open that door wide open. I just have insufficient ideas how to make future-shock that far into the future but someone might know better. Have you read comic 'Transmetropolitan'? It offers some nice future-shockiness. Let's connect with faster-then-light-methods thread, add wormholes and Daniel Boone Davis can go in the past... must... stop... digressing... very... hard... ;) Anyway, those time travelers can bring some forgotten information/knowledge and relatives of VERY powerful/influential/known people and scramble the current 'peaceful' situation...
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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There is no need to make use
There is no need to make use of wormholes or any FTL travel tech that is not already on the game: fast forward 100 years to the moment the first colony barges inside a planet and releases the first wave of colonists after the terraforming: There is a Pandora Gate there! Using the qbits the ship was carrying they report the finding to the Solar System, where the equations to connect gates were already solved. Now you have an AF10 or so colony connected to an AF110 society! Welcome to the Protectorate! (I suggest using a lot of the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, specially the data contained in the third book, for an advanced EP setting, the deCom crews look like the Reclaimers on steroids!). Or if you were thinking about a pre-fall ship, make them land into a planet with a Pandora Gate and a colony of AF10 people waiting for them, for extra shock.