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Transhuman Style Lifepaths for 2e

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Transhuman Style Lifepaths for 2e
So... I kind of want to do it. It should theoretically be easy, just put everything from the 2e chargen into narrative structure that's already been mostly done. But... it feels like a monumental task and I'm struggling with finding a motivation to do it. Need a kick in the backside, so to speak. Anyone else thinks it's not a bad idea...?
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Yes, it's a nice idea. The
Yes, it's a nice idea. The main issue I see is balancing the initial 'lifepath' choices against the existing method, at least to start. What are the assumptions made to get characters where they are in the existing system, how many 'adult' career terms are taken to match, that kind of thing.
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So here's the thing. I don't
So here's the thing. I don't think there's actually too much need to convert. A lot of the packages in in Transhuman are already in 2E in some form or another. There's a couple that aren't really, but even those can be cajiggered by a mix of both Career and Interest. For example, the Pirate is basically Enforcer w/ Spacer. But, if you guys think it's worth it, here's a list of the packages that are not already specifically covered. Note that I didn't bother with the redundant ones like "Colonist: Tech staff" because I feel like that's better represented by a Colonist/Techie. - Backgrounds Drifter Earth Survivor Fall Evacuee Reinstatiated Scum Street Rat - Focus Activist Assassin Con Artist Dealer Bodyguard Ego Hunter Jurno Pirate Smuggler Spy Thief Wrecker Honestly the only ones that I think are distinct enough to warrant their own writeups are: Re-instatiated, Scum, Activist, Ego Hunter, and Jurno
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I may playtest a version
I may playtest a version where we use the Lifepath system in TH then build EP2e characters from that. Will report back, but if you write up a conversion, I'd check it out and probably use that instead! Follow your passion-dream-whims.
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