Transhumanity's Fate in catalan

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Transhumanity's Fate in catalan

Here it is! A catalan version of the game. I know that is not much useful in an english forum, but I believe that it helps to more people approach the game and universe.

Transhumanity's Fate (cat)

Notes: oef PDF in DIN-A5. I'm the only translator and layout person of this version, so I'm sure it has tons of errors. Any criticisms and advises are appreciated.

PS: My mistake. I'm writting in the wrong place. Please, move this post to the right place (Transhumanity's Fate forum, I guess).

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well done. I do not speak a

well done. I do not speak a single bit of catalan but i applaud the effort :)

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This is sweet! Thanks! :D

This is sweet! Thanks! :D

I linked the post over in the TF forum:

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Wow, thank you! Really nice

Wow, thank you! Really nice job on the layout. We shall promote. :)

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Thank you, but it is not

Thank you, but it is not Mercador, it is "Francesc Mercader".

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