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**Updated**My take on a custom 2ed beta Character Sheet, not form fillable

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**Updated**My take on a custom 2ed beta Character Sheet, not form fillable
Hello, first time poster and just wanted to share my custom character sheet we've been using. Just to note I'm not a graphic designer and this was originally created in word which hates it when you start putting lots of tables together on the same page. This pdf isn't form fillable because I don't own the right software for such, however my original word file is what we edit, which is complete with some added functions like apt linked to skills. I then exported it to pdf for printing because the word margins are too wide and doesn't fully print correctly from word. Also on the third page morph sheet, if you fold it, probably adjusting the fold areas according to your printer setup and maybe even trimming a little of the sides, you should be able to fold it over the right side of the base character sheet for morph changes. Not sure if anyone could find this useful or improve upon it.
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Blast from the Past
This sheet looks good, it's a blast from the past!
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I'm personally not a fan of
I'm personally not a fan of all this red, but I suppose it's not hard to make a blue version to be easier on the eyes. Also "SAVY" is correctly spelled "SAVVY", with two V's. Only six lines for Slights, but five for melee weapons? I'd reduce the melee section to 3 or 4, and increase PSI to 7 or 8 lines. The "Morph" card in the upper left is a nice layout, but you only have one of them? Half the point of morphs is you can swap them around. A third page of spare morph cards plus an extra Notes section seems called for. In the Gear section, a checkbox at the side labeled "Has Blueprint?" would be appreciated.
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Unrelated to the character sheet
You may be misinterpreting the Empathy trait. I suspect it's +5 to SAV rolls (i.e. SAVx3), rather than +5 to SAV linked skills. If it's the latter, it's really worth 5 CP (or more) instead of 1 CP, since it would provide both the benefit of the aptitude, as well as letting you exceed 80 (2 CP per skill). The character sheet looks nice, though like o11o1, I think it would be nice if all the ego stats would fit on one page, while the gear and morph were on the next. Psi could go on its own page if it doesn't fit, since most players won't use it. With that setup, players could have add sheets as needed for their morphs. Unfortunately, since the ego is more important, it has more information, and it may not fit well on a single page.
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Thanks for the Feedback
I'll make some mods to it and see what it looks like. My original idea was trying to make a sheet like in Monte Cook's The Strange, that would of had the morph as a extra character sheet that folded over the main sheet. But there is so much info, that it's hard to fit all the ego stuff and leave room for a second sheet cover area. Thanks also for the catch on empathy. I can also throw up a blue version, I'm personally more fond of the red, but that all comes down to personal preference.
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I like it :-)
I like your solution to put Aptitudes, Aptitudes Checks and Pool close to each other. it's easier to remember which Pool to use. Ciao Luca
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My morphless take!
I'm not trying to hijack this thread, just avoiding multiple threads. As I said, my [url=http://ge.tt/2LAaUbl2]morphless take[/url] (not form fillable).
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changes to my character sheet
Finally got around to getting an updated version of my beta character sheet up. Formatting the tables was giving me some problems but I finally got it to work. This version is still a two page set up with a third page given over to a foldable morph sheet that should, maybe with a little trimming of the left and right margins, fold over and cover the base sheet morph for morph changes. This third sheet would update weapons, armor, pools, traits, upgrades, gear and implants. It's not connected to skills, though, so you may still have to adjust a few things like skills and such as needed. For my printer set up, I folded just slightly left of the weapons table and trimmed about a 1/2 inch of the left margin for it to cover the correct areas of the base sheet. Please let me know if you see any errors.
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Looking a lot better now! I
Looking a lot better now! I kinda want to print several out and try to run a thing at my local board game store.
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