V2 Feed back on Bump In The Night

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V2 Feed back on Bump In The Night

Hello everyone,

I’m a French GM, i come to talk about my feedback on the playtest of Eclipse Phase V2.

In a few points :

- I love the fact that there are less skills. It's really a good thing. For the. Beginners especially.

- The new management of morphs is particularly effective. I think this will boost the interest of morphos and egobridge.

- On the other hand, perhaps some pools are a bit too much, I think in particular the vigor with additional actions (or insight), but also moxie with the extra favors.

- Network management is now perfect, it is much clearer, especially to acquire additional equipment.

I tested it with the scenario Bump In the Night, with 4 beginners, it went perfectly.

I put you here the link to the part (warning is in French), we play on Roll20, but beyond the language, I imagine that some will be interested in the visual that I propose for this game and this scenario.


PS : Sorry for my bad english