Why Eclipse Phase Should Be A Movie

We were surprised and happy to see this blog post last week on "Why the RPG 'Eclipse Phase' Should Become a Movie." From the post:

In fact, Eclipse Phase isn't just a RPG's one of the most original and exciting works of science fiction in recent years, even if it's essentially a game manual. When I look at the world depicted in Eclipse Phase, I see Ridley Scott. I see James Cameron. I see Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. I also see HP Lovecraft, because Eclipse Phase is just as creepy as it is smart.

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CNN's Geek Out Highlights EP

Christian Sager from CNN's Geek Out recommended Eclipse Phase as his geekiest holiday gift:

It's after the apocalypse. Humanity's evolved beyond the skin and bones we were born with. Have you ever wanted to put your mind in a different body? Maybe one with improved physical capabilities? Or a different gender? What about a robot? Or even a octopus? All this and more is possible in the unique roleplaying game "Eclipse Phase," published by Posthuman Studios. My favorite gift this season was the almost 400 page Core Rulebook for this game of science fiction, conspiracy and horror.

Posthuman Studios Evolves!

The Posthumans are pleased to announce that after an incubation period of one year, we have burst forth from our partnership with Sandstorm Productions and are assuming full control of our publishing operations!

For gamers, this doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. You can still buy our books at fine local game stores, the chain stores that carry them, Indie Press Revolution, and Amazon. The third printing of Eclipse Phase is shipping to the PSI warehouse (we'll announce a street release date soon) and Panopticon is also at the printers. We have some electronic-only titles on the near horizon as well, so watch for upcoming street date announcements!

The only downside for gamers: our upcoming releases, such as Rimward, will be pushed back. They are in-progress, but our schedule is already behind. Instead of trying to race forwards and “catch up,” we are keeping a steady pace—and taking the necessary time to square business matters—to maintain the high quality of our games.

RPG Blog II Applauds EP

The folks over at RPG Blog II posted up their Best and Worst of Gaming in 2009, and they selected Eclipse Phase as the best sci-fi product of the year:

Best Sci-Fi Product
Gold: Eclipse Phase
I don't usually do Transhuman sci-fi, but Eclipse Phase mixes it with horror and a bit of investigative conspiracy and comes up
with a nice shot in the arm for the sci-fi RPG genre. Oh, and did I
mention it was published under a
Creative Commons license? Total bonus points there.

That's an awesome compliment, thanks guys!

Peter Watts on EP

Sci-fi writer Peter Watts commented on Eclipse Phase on his blog today. Thanks Peter!

In addition to writing some great books and being one of the influences for Eclipse Phase, Peter is noteworthy as also adopting the Creative Commons model with his books. His novels are available online--check them out! (Blindsight here, and Starfish, first book in the Rifter trilogy, here--and that's just to start!)

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