Quick-Start Rules

This Quick-Start Rules download provides everything new players need to dive right into a game of Eclipse Phase Second Edition including

  • a primer to the transhuman setting, where technologies allow people to digitally back up their minds and download into new bodies.
  • Need to Know, a two-page summary of important concepts.
  • A stripped-down version of the core rules cover the basic mechanics.
  • Four sample characters.
  • Acrimony, an introductory adventure.


Your first mission will be with the Firewall Rimward Ops team — Chi, Killjoy, Njal, and Zahiri.

Each has a complete character + reference sheet ready for you to pick up and play!


Introduce your players to the setting of Eclipse Phase with Acrimony, a Firewall adventure. Characters will explore new-to-them territory

Whether you’re an experienced or new Gamemaster, you’ll be able to run Acrimony for a group after giving it a quick read!