The Roleplaying Game Of Transhuman Survival

Eclipse Phase is a detailed science-fiction exploration of uncertain futures. It investigates the nature of transhumanity as it transforms itself, physically and mentally, into something posthuman. It balances the immense dangers of advanced technologies with a vision of how we can negate these risks and enhance our capabilities to improve and prosper as a species.


Transhumanity stands on the terminus of evolution and extinction. With the ability to upload our minds and nanofabricate almost anything, death and scarcity were nearly defeated. Then a war against super-intelligent AIs infected with an alien virus wiped out 95% of the population. Earth is a ruined wasteland, overrun by machines. The remnants of transhumanity—bio-engineered humans, uplifted animals, and infolife—expanded throughout the Solar System. The AIs left behind a network of wormhole gates that we now use to explore and occupy distant exoplanets. A new cabal of hypercorps and oligarchs seek to preserve outmoded political and economic systems, while patchwork factions of radical scientists and techno-anarchists experiment with new social models, from each according to their imagination and to each according to their need.


  • The default campaign places characters as agents of Firewall, a secretive conspiracy that works to save transhumanity from existential threats, or “x-risks.”
  • The setting is custom-built for other campaign styles, from high-tech criminal operations or faction-based political intrigues to the dangerous exploration of alien worlds via wormhole gates.
  • Populated with an eclectic assortment of intriguing factions, including undying hyper-elites, insurgent Martians, soul-trading cartels, rebel scientists, body- and mind-hacking hedonists, and outer-system anarchists.
  • An omnipresent threat of extinction lurks in the form of runaway nanotech, alien viruses, super-empowered sociopaths, rogue psychics, god-like AIs, posthuman extremists, and other dangers.
  • A galaxy suspiciously littered with the remains of dead civilizations and physics-breaking technologies provides a dash of cosmic horror.
  • To read more, check out our introductory fiction pieces, Infamy and Lack, or jump to the full setting section of our wiki!

To read more, check out our introductory fiction pieces, Infamy and Lack.


Eclipse Phase uses a variant d100/percentile system with some twists.


  • Characters switch their bodies—called a morphs—at will. Choose from genetically-modified transhumans, synthetic robotic shells, uplifted animals, or digital infomorphs, optimizing your capabilities for specific missions.
  • Your character’s mind and memories are backed up and can be restored if you die—a built-in system of “save points” and functional immortality.
  • Characters are skill-based, with no classes, so players can customize their team roles and specialize in fields of their choosing.
  • A package-buy system enables quick character creation and customization while also defining elements of your character’s background.
  • Gear and morph tracking is simplified with the use of gear packs and points for each mission.

Quick-Start Rules

  • Introductory Rules
  • Acrimony adventure
  • Four Sample Characters
  • Ready to play!

Condensed Player's Guide

$ 24
$9.99 digital
  • Setting Introduction
  • Core Game Mechanics
  • Character Creation Rules
  • Condensed Combat, Mesh, Psi, and Gear Rules

Eclipse Phase Second Edition

$ 59
$24.99 digital
  • Detailed Setting Information
  • Complete Game Mechanics
  • Character Creation Rules
  • Complete Combat, Mesh, Psi, and Gear Rules
  • 16 Sample Characters in 4 Sample Teams
  • Setting-specific Gamemastering Advice
  • Threats & X-Risks