Character Options BackerKit: Closes on Tuesday!

The Character Options BackerKit is heading into the last few days, so now is the time to support this campaign and the future of Eclipse Phase. All backers already have access to the Character Options digital edition so you can start making new characters immediately. The book is finished and will be going to print shortly after the campaign closes so we plan to deliver books in the first quarter of 2024!

Character Options brings lifepath character creation to Second Edition, as well as updating and adding new morphs into the game, so you truly have a body for every possible situation or scene!

The campaign has fully-funded Character Options in hardcover, as well as an upgraded Morph Recognition Deck.

A lot of campaigns are loaded-up with stretch goals, but this one isn't. After we've produced Character Options and the Morph Recognition Deck, funds from this campaign will be used to reprint Eclipse Phase Second Edition in the glorious hardcover cloth bookmarked form you expect from us at Posthuman Studios.

It's possible that we'll have to raise the print price on this reprint, so all supporters of this campaign that add Eclipse Phase Second Edition hardcover to their rewards will lock in the current price.

There's an easy backer level that includes both Character Options and Eclipse Phase Second Edition, add-ons for the Morph Recognition Deck, and also a bunch of merchandise — including the brand new Octomorph t-shirt.

Thank you for your support!

Character Options for Eclipse Phase Second Edition coming to BackerKit!

Posthuman Studios is bringing their next book, Eclipse Phase Character Options, to BackerKit for crowdfunding in September! We had copies of the Advance Version at Gen Con 2023 — the book is complete and ready for print. The digital version will be available for backer download early in the campaign.

Eclipse Phase Character Options features an extensive Lifepath Character Creation system, ideal for building characters while learning the Eclipse Phase setting at the same time. Beyond that, the new Morph Recognition Guide includes every morph from Eclipse Phase Second Edition, new morphs, and morphs converted from first edition — well over 100 bodies to slide your ego into!

The Morph Types section includes an overview of the morph rules, including a new category — core morphs — those designed to run habitats or ships.

The book wraps up with morph creation rules, new traits, new ware, rules for identifying morphs, knock-off morphs, and elite and limited-edition morphs.

Character Options gives you all the options you need to create the transhuman of your dreams!

The pre-launch page is live on BackerKit — sign up to get notifications about when the campaign will launch. We'll be funding the hardcover edition of Character Options, an alternative softcover wire-o bound version (only available directly from us), and some modest and related stretch goals!

Print fulfillment will be done in partnership with Atlas Games, and digital rewards from!

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Multiplicity and Synthesis for Eclipse Phase!

Over on our Patreon we do a monthly project, voted on by supporters at the Promethean and TITAN levels. In June that project was "A User's Guide to Forks and Group Minds" and it updated and added to material previously published in Transhuman—quickly becoming a 14-page sourcebook that is now available to everyone!

Multiplicity and Synthesis

Multiplicity and Synthesis dives deep into the technological and social implications of both forking—the practice of copying your mind—and group minds composed of multiple egos. This supplement is essential for thinking about character concepts who aren't limited to a single mind. It includes optional merging rules, new mental ware, a new async sub-strain (the Swarm), and new sleights.

Multiplicity and Synthesis cover

Multiplicity and Synthesis is a 14-page Eclipse Phase sourcebook with 3 pages of *Eclipse Phase Second Edition* rules + GM-specific advice. It's available via DriveThruRPG and Posthuman.Shop

Posthuman.Shop online store logo

Posthuman Studios Patreon

All of the Monthly Projects on our Patreon are intended for public consumption at some point in the future, and your support helps guide the future of Eclipse Phase—plus you'll get some great benefits along the way!

Eclipse Phase Bundle of Holding: Limited Time!

We've teamed up with Bundle of Holding for a limited-time Eclipse Phase Second Edition deal that is almost too good to be true: Eclipse Phase Second Edition, multiple adventures + Nano Ops, and other GMing resources all for $14.95. That's ten dollars less than just the core rulebook PDF by itself!

This Bundle of Holding brings you much of the EP2 line:

  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition core rulebook — 432 pages with all the rules and setting information you need to play!
  • EP2 Quick-Start Rules — introductory rules plus a Firewall adventure, Acrimony.
  • EP2 Character Pack — All sixteen sample characters in a two-page quick-play format.
  • Overrun — an introductory adventure for Gatecrashing or Firewall characters. Does "hostile xenolife" say enough without saying too much?
  • Xenovore — a standalone Gatecrashing adventure brings the characters to the exoplanet Vishnu for a spectacular find, 38 pages.
  • Router Case Files — 24 pages of plot hooks covering the core campaign types—Firewall, gatecrashing, and Guanxi criminals—then spanning the solar system to deal with hypercorps, uplifts, media, politics, and more!
  • Nano Op: All That Glitters — navigate political intrigues and spy games to target a diplomat at an exclusive soiree.
  • Nano Op: Better on the Inside — Gatecrashers enter an abandoned alien tomb and find the threat of death still viable.
  • Nano Op: Body Count — rescue a triad ally’s cortical stack from a Martian Rangers’ resleeving facility.
  • Nano Op: Grinder — intercept an exsurgent packagean at an experimental food theater before it infects thousands.

This time-limited bundle is available until August 3rd 2022, which happens to be the day before Gen Con starts!

New Criminal Nano Op: Binge

The latest in our line of Nano Ops is now available! Binge (DriveThruRPG, or Posthuman.Shop) will take your characters to Pathfinder City (no, not that Pathfinder city!) on the hunt for a missing drug dealer.

Of course it's not that simple, but what is simple is our straightforward approach to our Nano Ops, giving you the most important material you'll need to quickly spin out an adventure at your gaming table!

The recommended sample characters for Binge are the Criminal Guanxi Ops team — Amaru, Berk, Elis, and Pivo. Download them for free in the Eclipse Phase Character Pack!

Looking for More?

If some political intrigue is more your style, check out Nano Op: All That Glitters (DriveThruRPG or Posthuman.Shop) then dart over to _Nano Op: Grinder (DriveThruRPG or Posthuman.Shop) for some Firewall action.