A statement from Posthuman Studios about the ongoing genocide in Palestine

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There is no such thing as an apolitical business. Eclipse Phase Second Edition includes the following on page 19:

"A Note on Politics
Eclipse Phase delves into numerous political themes; in fact, we start with the premise that everything is political. Like all authors, we write from the perspective of our personal biases. Our specific lens is radical, liberatory, inclusive, and antifascist. If you support bigotry or authoritarianism in any form, Eclipse Phase is not the game for you."

If you know anything about us at all, you probably already assumed we support a free Palestine. We've never been shy about our politics. Therefore, we issue the following statement and encourage other companies to do the same:

Posthuman Studios stands in support of the Palestinian people and opposes the ongoing genocide perpetrated by the state of Israel with the full complicit support of the United States and Canada. We condemn zionism as a colonialist and fascist ideology. The attempt to label any criticism of Israel as anti-semitic is a dishonest diversion. Likewise, conflating all Jewish people with zionism is an inherently anti-semitic idea. We believe resistance against Israel's colonialism, apartheid, and genocide is justified and necessary.
Free Palestine!

We will be donating a portion of our income this year to appropriate aid organizations.

Graphical text of the Statement about Palestine.