Project Status

Last Updated: March 5 2023

Here’s a quick report on the status of various projects we have in the works, updated around the beginning of every month or whenever we have news. If you want to get access to previews and playtest materials, check out our Patreon, which includes monthly short projects based on patron-voting!

Changelog / Short News

  • Nano Op: Divided Intentions was a Patreon Monthly Project release, and was released to the public in December 2022.
  • We released Multiplicity and Synthesis in print, including the Nano Op.
  • On Patreon

    Every month our Patreon produces a small Monthly Project, usually voted on by members at the Promethean tier or above. All of these projects will eventually be made available to the public in some form. The last six months of Monthly Projects on our Patreon have been: X-Risks Updates, Nano Op: Divided Intentions, Exurgent Strains, Flexbots, NPCs, and Nano Op 7: Unbodied. Divided Intentions is already available to the public, and the remainder of those Monthly Projects will become solo releases or worked into upcoming titles for the public.

    On the Horizon

    • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Character Options
      A complete Second Edition update to the lifepath character creation system originally from Transhuman. Updates all morphs to EP2, introduces some new variants, and more!
      the project is in the Layout stage (4/5)

    • Your Whispering Muse (EP2 KS stretch goal)
      A series of 8 mini-releases covering different parts of the Eclipse Phase setting, edition-agnostic! First drafts for the first Series are in-house and going through development and editing.
      the project is in the Development stage (3/5)

    • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Wiki

    Further Away …

    • Blackvein’s Underworld Guide
      A sourcebook on transhuman crime, cartels, and running crime-based campaigns. We have contracted half of this book so far, and first drafts are in and being developed.

    • System Gazetteer
      A sourcebook on the key factions and locations of the solar system for Eclipse Phase Second Edition. Currently in the outline stage.

    • Quick Reference Sheets
      6 handy reference sheets and flowcharts in PDF format.

    • Space Combat (Final Title TBD)
      A mini-sourcebook on space combat in EP. Currently being worked on in irregular installments as part of our Patreon monthly projects.