Project Status

Last Updated: Nov 11 2023

Here’s a quick report on the status of various projects we have in the works, updated around the beginning of every month or whenever we have news. If you want to get access to previews and playtest materials, check out our Patreon, which includes monthly short projects based on patron-voting!

Eclipse Phase Character Options on BackerKit

We are funding Character Options via BackerKit.

This full color hardcover rulebook contains lifepath character creation rules, a complete morph recognition guide, morph creation rules, and more!

We’ve already broken stretch goals that will produce the Morph Recognition Deck companion as well, and there’s new merchandise available in the rewards!

NPC File 2

Our patrons have had several sneak peeks at the NPC archetypes and named NPCs in NPC File 2, and we’ve also posted some to the EP2 Kickstarter Project.

Other Projects

Right now our focus is on sending Character Options and the Morph Recognition Deck to press, finishing NPC File 2 writing + layout and then getting the book’s art moving.

Once those projects are solidly moving, the Project Status page will re-expand to include more future projects!